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matthew kielbasa

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Freedom

FREEDOM In 1939 world war 2 began and Poland was attacked by the Nazis. The Polish people were like slaves or just useless things to the nazis. In 1945 World war 2 ended and the polish people were free though the losses were alot and could never be repaired though many people were saved.
Jesus son of god died on the cross just so
that he could save our sins which people
took for granted now people will have the
freedom of getting there sins forgiven. The American Civil War.
was between the confederates and the republicans or North and South of America. It started in 1861 and ended in 1865. The republicans were fighting for the freedom of African slaves while the Confederates were fighting to keep the slaves as slaves forever. This war would change the way America was seen as because if the confederates won then America would look like a place of arrogant people. Nelson Mandela
was the first South African president to be a fully representation of a democratic election. He was put into prison because the government was jealous of him. He was put to a life sentance in 1964 but was sent out in 199 and after he came out he became president of the ANC. Freedom to me is about how i can do what ever i want and no one will tell me what to do that is definition of freedom.
people with out freedom young teenages dont have freedom because of their parents if they did have freedom then they would all be destroying things and being stupid. Muslim women wear hejabs so that no one knows how they look like which doesnt give the women too much freedom to do what they want to do. people in China dont get freedom because there is communism there. Chinese people dont get to choose there religion which is straight away not freedom.
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