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Copper Sun: An Analysis

No description

Sabrina Ahmed

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Copper Sun: An Analysis

Copper Sun:

An Analysis

Copper Sun:

An Analysis
By: Sabrina Ahmed
Period 2
Summary of the Book
A fifteen year old girl named Amari had an ordinary life. She lived with her family in her home village in Ziavi in Africa. She was about to be engaged to the love of her life. But a group of slave traders invaded Amari's village, and her life changed forever. Now is forced to live in the North Carolina with an abusive owner and his son. But she finds friends along the way and learn to deal with her new life.
Polly is a fifteen year old indenture servant girl who lost her parents when she was little. Her parents were broke and couldn't afford to pay the government, therefore Polly has to serve seven years of work for her parents and herself totaling fourteen years.
Tough, brave, and very observant.
Polly wants to make her mom proud by working with or near rich people. At first she hated working jobs in the field because she thinks it's a slaves job.
When she was heading to the plantation she said to Mr.Derby that she might have a name. (Chapter 15)
How does this character change:
At first she was not a fan of slaves. She thought it was normal for slaves to have the life they do. But over the course of the book she learns how hard and unfair slave life is.
Importance to novel:
Polly shows that not just African Americans had a tough time but also colonists. Also she shows Amari that there are good people in the colonies.
Amari is a fifteen year old African girl who lives in Ziavi with her family and future husband.
Personality Traits:
Observant, strong-willed, and brave.
At first she hates being in the colonies and thinks people there are bad.
When she was in Cape Coast Castle she fought off her potentail buyer. (Chapter Four)
How does this character change:
At first she did not understand what was happening. During her journey she starts to understand what was going on, and also develop her bravery.
Importance to novel:
Amari helps readers understand what slavery was like. It's hard to imagine what life was like because we are lucky to live in a good era.
Image by: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Sun
Image by: http://sharondraper.com/bookdetail.asp?id=20
The central message of the book is that no matter how bad the situation there subsequently always is a good side as well. In the book when Amari finds out she is pregnant, if the baby was a girl she would name the baby Afi the woman who helped her on the slave boat. Another example is when Amari, Polly, and Tidbit pass the river into the spanish territory and Amari says to Polly that she was her only white friend and she would not have made it this long without her. Those instances in the book show that no matter how bad something seems there is always a positive side to the situation.
Image from: https://herndonapush.wikispaces.com/Ch+3-Indentured+Servitude+and+The+Origins+of+Slavery
Mr. Derby
Mr.Derby is a plantation owner in the Carolina Colonies who is remarried with an 18 year old wife and 16 year old son.
Personality traits
: He is sexist, rude, and mean spirited.
Mr. Derby had a wife back when his new son was born. By the time his son was born, his first wife had passed away. Since then, before he got remarried, he had felt lonely and he copes with his feelings by acting tough.
When he was being served food, one of his slaves acidently spilled pie on the floor and he whipped Amari forcefully as punishment.
Importance to novel:
Mr. Derby's role in the story helps readers imagine the horror and terror of slavery and how their owners treated African Americans during this time.
Powerful Passage
"The buyers of slaves had arrived. She and the other woman were stripped naked. Amari bit her lip, determined not to cry" (page 72). This quote is important because it describes how most slaves were feeling on the inside. The quote really shows the ugly side of slavery. I chose this quote because I have been in a situation were I had no choice but to hide my feelings. Also I know how it feels to do that and it is not a good feeling.
You guys made this year really special for me and I just wanted to say thanks. :)

I will never forget this year.
I will miss you guys.

Anyways... any questions?
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