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When Greek Meets Greek

No description

Claudia Sabatino

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of When Greek Meets Greek

When Greek Meets Greek
Name of Country/Culture- Caribbean
Location- Located to the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, east of Central America and Mexico, and north of South America.
Samuel Salvon
-Born May 20th, 1923
-Died April 16th, 1994
- Born in San Fernando, in the South of Trinidad
-Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean
-Educated at the Naparima College in San Fernando before leaving at age 15 to work
-Selvon converted several of his novels and stories into radio scripts
When Greek Meets Greek- Summary
Following World War II large numbers of West Indians, including the author of this story, traveled to England looking for a better life. Racial prejudice, along with other problems, made their adjustment to the land difficult.
Ram is looking for somewhere to live. Ram is from the West Indies and is African American. Many places will not allow African American tenants. Ram meets Fraser. Fraser tells him that he can find him a place to live. Fraser tells Ram that there is a landlord that vows he will never take anyone who comes from the West Indies, but he does not mind taking Indians. Fraser also tells Ram that the landlord will not know the difference between whether Ram is from the West Indies or India. Fraser says for Ram to wear a turban. The landlord asks Ram where he is from and Ram tells him that he is from India. There is another tenant in the apartment complex that is Indian, named Chan. Ram received the room right next door to Chan. Every time Ram would see Chan he would have to hide from him, just in case he started talking in the Indian language. Soon enough Ram told Chan that the house was too small for the two of them. Ram went to talk to the landlord. The landlord then talked to Chan. After talking to Chan the landlord suspected that Ram was the one that was lying about being Indian, and that he was really from the West Indies. The landlord then proceeded to kick Ram out. Ram then tells his friend Fraser about how Chan got him kicked out. Ram asks Fraser if he knew Chan and Fraser responded, "That is the fellow from Jamaica that I sent to that house to get a room!"
Popular Culture
Sports- Cricket, Football (Soccer), and Rugby
Every year the islands of the Caribbean host hundreds of carnivals, festivals, and holiday celebrations.
When Greek Meets Greek- Literary Elements
Internal Conflict- Ram's internal conflict is that he is from the West Indies, and he knows he cannot live in the house, but he really needs a place to live.
Situational Irony- Ram knew he was lying about being Indian, he had no idea that Chan was lying as well.
1. What was the author's first name?
2. Where was the author born?
3. Who was the main character in "When Greek Meets Greek"?
4. Where was the main character from?
5. The main character was allowed to stay in the house while his neighbor was kicked out. T/F
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