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Wildlife Intervention Strategies

No description

Laura Bamford

on 19 January 2017

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Transcript of Wildlife Intervention Strategies

Wildlife Intervention Strategies
Learning Outcomes
What is meant by ethics?
In pairs come up with a definition for the term ethics
Ethics is defined as:

'a branch of philosophy involving systemising, defending and recommending concepts of right or wrong conduct'
Seeks to resolve questions dealing with human morality - concepts such as good and evil, right or wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime
Thinking about UK wildlife interventions - in what situations do ethical considerations need to be made?
Permanent captivity
Display to public
Population dynamics
Current legislation
Views of different groups
Ethical Issues
What affects humans moral and ethical code?
Read through the book chapter on euthanasia - what are the ethical implications of this?
Population Dynamics
Short and long term changes in the size and age composition of a population, and biological and environmental processes influencing those changes
How might wildlife intervention affect the population of that animal?
How might it affect populations of other species in the ecosystem?
Current Legislation
What is the current legislation safeguarding wild animals in rescue or rehabilitation programmes?
Opinions of different groups
City Dwellers
Road Users
1. Examine the ethical issues surrounding wildlife intervention
2. Discuss relevant considerations relating to wildlife interventions
3. Debate the advantages and disadvantages of wildlife interventions
4. Analyse the current legislation in the UK relating to wildlife interventions
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