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Miley Cyrus

all bout miley cyrus and her life and her ups and downs... her regrest and the stuff she dsent. the way she wants to be treated...

Katie Przystup

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Miley Cyrus

Miley cyrus Writing her own songs To on stage with her dad to her own T.V. show To staring in movies and makeing her own movies To This Pop Star My Quote Miley was born in Frankin Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Miley Cyrus attened Heritage middle school but she now has a private tutor. She grew up on her mom and dad's farm in the backwoods of Nashville. Miley is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus and Ruth Ann Cyrus. She has 2. She also has one full blooded brother, Braison. She also has a half sister, Brandi who plays in Hannah Montana's band.And she has a younger sister, Noah Lindsey Cyrus who is an actress and has been in Hannah Montana a few times! Yeah you guys may nt look up to her as a role model but i do...
Yeah she has done things in her past and may do things in the furter...
But that her life and her as not popstar. And reall or Ordirnary Girl like one of us..
So yeah people make mastkes in life but who give a crap... she justt one of us but bigger and better.. Just be in her shoes for one day . And see how it is... You may not like it? with dealing with her trours, fans bagging on you on what you did and her Family. How would you feel. Huh how? yeah not good thats what i thought. Miley cyrus went from a little cute kid You might think im crazy like asia is with Justin Bieber. But Miley Cyurs is the celebrity is have picked because she is my role model. Because she is. Just keep whatching to see what i mean. Growing Up Beautiful girl with a loveing family and friends Fact: Miley was born on november 23,1992 Fact: Miley stated to sing and act at the age 12 God daughter God mother Her sister brandi (23 years old) Her older brother Christopher Cody (25years old) Her older brother trace(22 years old) Her youngest brother brasion (16years old) Then her little sister noah (11years old) Leticia cyrus {tish} (49 years old) Billy ray cyrus (50 years old) Both tish and billy Her siblings & parents her (19)
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