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Peace and security

No description

chris gillam

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Peace and security

Peace and securtiy doors locked? If your like most canadians, you make sure your doors are locked when you go to bed at night. Safety is also a strong motivator for nations and nation states. Society cannotfunction unless people feed safe doing things like attending school and going to work. A society flourishes when people feel safe and comfortable when they canplay music, go to the movies, walk in the park, andcelebrate together in safety Soldiers Nations and nation-states often promote safety and security at home by passing laws, creating police forces , and making rules for the workplace May also promote security through their interactions withe the rest of the world Most nation-states are motvated to develop peaceful relations with other states. If a nation-state constantly disagrees with a neighbouring state, the result may be war :O GASP! Wars kill and injure people, cause immense grief, destroy property, and destroy economic stability. Most nation-states are motivated to create alliances with one or more other countries to protect themselves against conflict The north Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an example of a protective alliance among coutries. Canada belongs to NATO, whose goals include maintaining the security of Western nations.
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