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Operations strategy

No description

kady Rejdy

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Operations strategy

Apparel vs. Petrochemical Apparel Industry Companies ZARA H&M Founded by Amancia Ortaga Spain in 1975 Founded by Erling Persson Sweden in 1947 Competitors Order qualifiers and order winners Order qualifiers Buyer driven chain Customers Production Retailing The GAP Benetton Order winners H&M Outsourcing production Quicker to go international Focused approach Lower prices Extensive advertising Order winners ZARA Strong real estate network Quick response (QR) Human resources IT-infrastructure Overview Order Qualifiers and Order Winners Business strategy Operational strategy Conclusion ZARA Mission H&M Offer fresh assortment of designer-style garments and accessories for relatively low prices Offer fashion and quality at the best price Environmental scanning Opportunity: expansion More stores around the world Adress new target groups Threat: ZARA's structure One manufacturing and distribution centre ZARA's Quick Response Core competencies Strenght QR Point of sales system Advertising Concept of scarcity Unique Business model Low price Advertising Weakness Low Price Euro-centric model THE business strategy Cost? Quality? Flexibility? Time? ZARA H&M Rapid delivery On-time delivery Volume flexibility Product flexibility Cost Product flexibility Back to basics H&M: Lower prices than ZARA ZARA: Fashionable garments Operational strategy Companies LUKOIL
revenue: 81,1 billion dollar TOTAL
revenue: 183,17 billion dollar Competitors Shell, ConocoPhillips, British Petroleum, ExxonMobil Trends in the environment Will fossil resources last forever?
Global conjuncture
Social responsibility? Order qualifiers Price
Flexibility Order winners LUKOIL:
Presence in the European Market

alternative fuels
sustainable image
higher overall product quality TOTAL new energies for future
Sustainability Corporate Policy
Emphasis on shareholdersvalue ENVIRONMENT Long term growth of the business
Leading global energy company
Sustainable corporate policy
Reliable supplier for the intl. Market MISSION LUKOIL Strenghts:
integrated production
image Strenghts:
high reserves
refining know-how
small distribution network CORE COMPETENCIES THE Business Strategy TOTAL

Providing alternative energy sources
(2 tab verder, hoort onder refining) Consolidation in EU,
(2 tab verder, hoort onder refining) expansion to Mediterranian, Africa and Asia
Improve competitive position in Selling
Improve overall image of the company THE Operational Strategy TOTAL

Competitive priority on :

Invest in Refinaries
further investing in alternative ways of energy production
New approach to sustainability THE Operational Strategy LUKOIL

Investment distribution channel in Europe
Acquisition of large petroleum reserves
Introduction in new business segments ZARA H&M Total Lukoil ZARA H&M Overview Order Qualifiers and Order Winners
Business strategy
Operationals strategy
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