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All the Bright Places Project

Diction Project Honors English 9

Elizabeth Sokolowski

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of All the Bright Places Project

All the Bright Places

By, Jennifer Niven
"Life" Blue
"I don't know how I didn't notice it the first time -
the water is as blue as his eyes
(Niven, 335)."
"Life" Blue
"The next day I paint the walls again. It takes two days for them to hold the color, which is the clear, bright blue of a swimming pool. I lie on my bed feeling easier, like I can catch my breath" (Niven, 172).
Sad Blue
"Even when they bring the body up, swollen and bloated and blue, I think 'That's not him. That's someone else. This swollen, bloated, blue thing with the dead, dead skin is not anyone I know or recognize" (Niven, 337).
"You are all the colors in one, at full brightness" (Niven, 172).
Diction Project
By: Ana Sokolowski

Genre: Young Adult/Realistic Fiction
Diction Focus: WORD CHOICE
The choice of the word "ultraviolet" indicates how Theo feels about Violet. Violet radiates a beauty all around her, thus Theo uses her name and enhances it to explain how he feels for her.
Eternal Blue
"Theodore Finch... "I was alive. I burned brightly. And then I died, but not really. Because someone like me cannot and will not die like everyone else. I linger like the legends of the Blue Hole. I will always be here, in the offerings and people I leave behind" (Niven, 378).
Red: Embarrassment
The author vividly uses these examples of red in the novel because it symbolizes embarrassment, hate, and anger. Red is the color you can never cover up. The color red is used to show the feelings in Finch's life when he is alone. Red shows the thoughts, and sometimes actions of a person internally and physically.
"I'm sick of the
walls of my room. The color is too
(Niven, 171).
"It takes many, many coats to cover the
. No matter what I do, it
right through, like the walls are
" (Niven, 172).
"Mr. Black fixes his eyes on Violet and then me. 'As I was saying... your project for this... class is to report on... at least two, preferably three... wonders of Indiana.' I want to ask, wonders or wanders?" (Niven, 30).
"At each site we leave something, almost like an offering... Also, it's a way to prove we've been there, and a way to leave part of us behind" (Niven, 44).
"But that's not him, don't you see? People like Theodore Finch don't die. He's just wandering" (Niven, 338).
"And I know why Finch chose this place - for Eleanor and for me. And for him too, because he was a weary traveler who just needed rest" (Niven, 374).
All the Bright Places
The title holds significant word choice because...
Meaning of Ultraviolet
The fact that Theo calls Violet, "Ultraviolet", is an indication of not only the importance of the character, but also the role of
in the novel.
The author uses the simile in the quote above because water is a symbol of life and portrays how both water and its color that we know it to be, symbolizes life. Theo is "pure" to Violet just like water is clear.
The meaning of this quote is renewal. Painting walls is a sign of starting over, having a new canvas. Again, the bright blue color of a swimming pool symbolizes the clear and new trait of water or the color blue. Breath in this case symbolizes life because without breath or oxygen, there would not be life. In this example the author extends the connection of the color blue and life to breath, the most fundamental part of life.
In this example, the author reminds the reader that blue can be a color of death or mourning. It shows the contrast between the two situations, and what Theo is searching for: Life Blue or Sad Blue.
This passage demonstrates the ultimate message of the novel. It portrays the importance of life within life, in death, and beyond. The color blue, goes on, to a world unknown, just like the Blue Hole. The color blue is unknown, just like Theodore Finch.
Meaning of the Color Red
Significance of "Wandering"
Wandering is a metaphor for Theodore's life. He was not living his life, he was traveling through it and no matter in life or death he will always be present to violet.
Literal Meaning of Wandering:
Violet and Theo have to wander around Indiana for a history project assigned by their teacher. Violet would have probably not have gotten to know and understand Theo if the project never happened.
The Word Choice in the Title is Significant because...
The title
All the Bright Places
is significant to the story because it explains the purity and brightness of being around people you love, ie Violet and Theo. All of the bright places that Violet and Theo visited had impacts on them, even though it was for a school project. All the Bright Places is portraying not only the bright places on Earth, but the brightness that they saw in each other, that perhaps other people could not see.
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