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Lord of The Flies: Man vs Nature

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misha koroscil

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Lord of The Flies: Man vs Nature

Lord of The Flies: Man vs Nature
With no adults to help, the boys will have to gather there own food. The boys are used to being served their food so they must adapt. Jack and his choir have chosen to be the hunters. First they must learn to hunt and gather. " Jack's in charge of the choir. They can be - what do you want them to be?", "Hunters" (19).
The forest can be a dangerous place. Especially for children. So far, the boys don't know what type of creatures live on this island. However, the single thought of being alone in the forest with no help is simply terrifying. The forest can be a silent killer. With all the creepers trying to grab onto you you would be tangled up before you even realized it. " Here, the roots and stems of creepers were in such tangles that the boys had to thread through them like plaint needles" (23).
Killer climate
When it comes to tropical islands or islands in general, the temperatures are going to be deadly hot. Island are known for their hot climates, but sometimes, hot can be silent killer. Heat stroke is the most common condition due to heat and dehydration.
"Then one of the boys flopped on his face in the sand and the line broke up" (16).
The plane crashed on a uninhabited island. The children will have to fend for themselves because no adults survived the crash. Ralph and Piggy are quick to realize this tragedy. "Aren't there any grown- ups at all?", "I don't think so" (Golding 2).
Lord of The Flies
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