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India Presentation

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Preston Kwan

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of India Presentation

INDIA Trade Barriers Legal Issues INDIA By: Preston Kwan, Sun Ming & Sean Wilkinson AGENDA Population Demographics
Cultural Issues
Physical Forces
Trade Barriers
Legal Issues
Balance of Payments
Political Issues
Currency Population Demographics Cultural Issues Economy Balance of Payments Political Issues Currency Thank You for Listening! Last Price: 54.0819 Last Price: 53.765 Last Price: 54.082 1 USD to Rupees 1 CAD to Rupees India GDP (USD) India GDP per Capita U.S. GDP (USD) U.S. GDP per Capita $1.85 Trillion $11.7 Trillion $838 $37,691 Invest in India? South Asia INDIA Bordering Burma
and Pakistan Between Arabian
Sea and Bay of
Bengal Topography Climate Infrastructure Varies from
monsoons in south to temperate in north. Upland plains in south, flat to rolling plains along the Ganges, deserts in west, Himalayas in north. Airports: 352 in total (Rank: 22)
Pipelines: gas 9,596 km; liquid petroleum gas 2,152 km; oil 7,448 km; refined products 10,486 km
Roadways: total of 3,320,410 km(Rank: 3)
Railways: total of 63,974 km (Rank: 4) 80.5% 13.4% 2.3% 1.9% 1.8% Religion Hindu Muslim Christian Other Sikh Treatment of Women - Male-dominated society
- Western women must establish position and title
- Women might not be included in social events or conversation
- Western women may invite an Indian man to a business lunch Body Language Education - PDA is not proper
- Arm's length between each other
- Side-to-side hand wave for "hello" = "no" or "go away"
- Use right hand, as left is considered unclean
- Never point with a single finger or two fingers
- Point with your chin, whole hand or thumb - 3.1% of GDP is spent on
- 61% of total population
are literate
- 73.4% of males are
- 47.8% of females are
literate Business Customs Languages "I will try" = a polite "no" Do not wear shoes inside a home Do not show anger Ask permission before smoking Apologize if feet touch another person Hindi Bengali Telugu Marathi Other Tamil 41% 8.1% 7.2% 7% 5.9% 30.8% Government Type: Federal Republic Corruption Perceptions Index: India - 3.1 (Ranked 95th out of 182 countries) Canada - 8.7 (Ranked 10th) United States - 7.1 (Ranked 24th) Terrorism Externally, the primary terrorist force are the separatists from Pakistan. Internal terrorism emulates from religious or communal violence and Naxalite-Maoist insurgency. Mumbai: 03/12/93 - 13 bombs go off, killing 257 07/11/06 - 7 bombs in trains kill 209 people 11/29/08 - Coordinated series of attacks kill at least 172 07/13/11 - 3 bombs at different locations kill 26 New Delhi: 2001 - Attack on Indian parliament 2005 - Delhi bombings 2007 - Delhi security sumit 2011 - High court bombing Canada GDP (USD) Canada GDP per Capita $894 Billion $25,933 Income
Distribution Top 5 Imports Top 5 Exports INDIA USA CAN INDIA USA CAN 1.




5. Crude Oil Precious
Stones Machinery Fertilizer Iron &
Steel Machinery Tariff $1,095 per container for importing/exporting to/from India In general, high tariffs Non-Tariff Complex and cumbersome - bureaucratic procedures Lack of infrastructure Investment cap in banking and telecommunications industries Government Incentives Targeting Foreign Investment Spending $1 Trillion on infrastructure projects for the next five years Member MTO/many free trade agreements Tax holidays and tax concessions Loans at concessional interest rates Some subsidies Several new bilateral investment agreements Motor
Vehicles Minerals Chemicals Metals Industrial
Supplies Consumer
Goods Capital
Goods Agricultural
Products Other Petroleum
Products Precious
Stones Machinery Iron &
Steel Chemicals Crude
Oil Natural
Gas Motor
Vehicles Gold Petroleum Capital
Goods Industrial
Supplies Consumer
Goods Agricultural
Products Other REPUBLIC OF Basis of Law Based on English common law Constitution based on laws of Britain, Ireland, U.S. and France Contract Law Contracts and permits are hard to enforce Difficulty gaining copyrights and patents Also hard to enforce Human Rights Indian constitution provides freedom of religion, some freedom of speech Many human rights violations involving poor residents in city slums Age Distribution India 0-14 15-64 64+ Median Age Canada USA 29.3% 65.2% 5.6% 26.5 15.6% 68.1% 16.4% 41.2 20% 66.5% 13.5% 37.1 India Canada USA Gross Income
Capita $1,273 $38,119 $45,812 9.8% 9.0% 7.5% Ease of
Ranking India
USA 139th
4th Labour Force India
USA Agriculture Manufacturing Construction Services Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% India: 487.6 Million Canada: 18.7 Million USA: 153.6 Million Unemployment
Rate INDIA CANADA USA Population Household
Size Total
Houses 1.2 Billion 5.3 146.5
Million 34 Million 2.6 9.1
Million 314 Million 2.6 84.9
Million Population Household
Size Total
Houses Population Household
Size Total
Houses Top 5 Trading Partners INDIA USA CAN 1.




5. U.A.E China U.S.A. Saudi
Arabia Swiss U.S.A U.K. E.U. China Mexico Canada China Mexico Japan Germany Physical Forces
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