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How To Make Recycled Art

Oral Presentation

Chloe Romero

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of How To Make Recycled Art

How To Make Recycled Hello class! Today I'm going to teach you how to make RECYCLED ART. I chose this because first, you are turning
something that for you has no value, into a
beautiful work of art. And second, it is a great way of helping the environment. Today I'm going to teach you how to make 4 different things. One of paper, another of plastic, another of metal and one of fabric. I got all my information from a book called make it! by Jane Bull. Before I teach you how to make the following things,it is very important that you have the 3 Rs in mind. Now you are ready to start!!!!!! The first thing I'm going to
teach you how to make is made out of paper.

It is a picture of the sea. Materials:

A pen,

a shoe box or a cereal box,

a ruler,


scissors and

lots of pictures, paper, magazines, newspaper or junk mail. Step 1 Draw a line around the front
of the box with a ruler leaving 1cm in between the edge and the line. 1cm Step 2 With all the pictures you have, pick a certain pattern of colours and cut a bunch of little squares of it. Stick them on the frame that you drew. Step 3 Cut or tear strips of different shades of blue. Stick them in an untidy way for a stormy affect on the rectangle you drew. Step 4 After you have stuck the background, you stick anything that goes with the sea, like a fish, seaweed or even bubbles that a fish is breathing. Remember: Don't think a sea is the only thing you
can do, and you can make a spring out of paper for a 3-D effect. The second thing I'm going to teach you how to make is made out of plastic. It is a boat. Materials:

Plastic foam tray,


2 bottles that are the same with the cap and no liquid,

1/2 liter bottle with the tap,



scissors and

2 plastic forks or knives. Step 1 With the pen make four holes in the tray. One for each corner. Step 2 Cut a piece of string for each corner and put it through the hole and tie it around the bottle. Two for each bottle. Step 3 Cut above the sticker of the 1/2 liter bottle. Put the top of the bottle in the middle of the tray. Don't glue the bottle so you can put things in it and remove them. Step 4 Place the 2 plastic knives on top of each other diagonally and stick them in front of the bottle. Remember: Keep the bottle tops on at all times so the boat will float. On at all times. The third thing I'm going to teach you how to make is made out of metal. It is a robot/alien. Materials:

A foil tray,

tin foil,


2 buttons the same color,

1 button a different color,

2 toilet paper rolls,

a paper clip,


scissors and

4 colored wires. Step 1 Wrap the tin foil around the toilet paper rolls and cut it so it fits. Tape were it joins on the inside and out side. Tape were it meets. Step 2 Roll tin foil over the open part of the tray and tape it very tightly. Tape where the red lines are. Step 3 Now make a face on the tin foil that's on the tray; tape the 2 buttons the same color as eyes, the button another color as a nose and the paper clip as a mouth. Step 4 Tape the 2 toilet paper rolls on the bottom of the foil tray. Put a lot of tape so it doesn't fall. Step 5 Bend the the wires into any shape you want and use 2 as the arms and two as the antennas. Tape them where they should go. Remember: The robot/alien can have as many arms and antennas as you want and they can be any color. The fourth and final thing I'm going to teach you how to make is made out of fabric.   It is a glove man. Materials:

1 old glove,

cotton balls,

2 buttons,

needle and thread,

a piece of fabric and

scissors. Step 1 Turn the glove inside out and sew under the thumb, the middle finger and the ring finger. Sew where the blue lines are Step 2 Turn the glove outside in and pull out the fingers that haven't been sewn, the pointer and the pinky finger. It should look like this: Step 3 Sow the 2 buttons on the glove as eyes and cut out a piece of fabric as a mouth. Sow the mouth through the middle. Step 4 Stuff the glove with cotton balls and sew the glove on the bottom. Remember: The face design can be 100% different from mine and you can stuff the glove with the amount of cotton you want. Thank you for listening and I hope this will be useful to your lives.
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