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Drama Assignment- Costume Design

No description

harriet lodge

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Drama Assignment- Costume Design

Costume design is the production of clothing for the final look of a character or performer.
What are costumes and what role do they play in theater?
The Seven Stages of Grieving
In this performance the costume is fairly basic as it only consist of a plain white dress. The objective of this dress is that it allows her to easily embrace different people.

Costumes are a big part of theater and performance. Without costumes the plays wouldn't be as real and believable. They add so much to a play by adding authenticity and make the audience feel like the character is actually there.
Bangarra Dance Theatre
Bangarra Dance Theater is Australia’s leading Indigenous performing arts organisation. Its key objectives are to contribute to improving the lives of Indigenous Australians and telling their stories through world class dance theater
By Harriet Lodge
Drama Assignment- Costume Design
Yibiyung (2008) – By Bruce McKinven
Jennifer Irwin
Aboriginal Theater
Aboriginal drama is an important way in which we can learn about Australian history. Aboriginal plays and performances express a unique and specific understanding of their cultural heritages. Over the last forty years, there have been hundreds of productions by Indigenous writers.
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