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Presidential Elections

No description

Jaime Borotz

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Presidential Elections

So you want to
run for office! SLIDE 4 What is a candidate? A person who wants to be elected by the people
Candidates have different beliefs that help them lead
Most candidates belong to a political party What is a platform? Based on the party's beliefs
Influences what the candidate would do if elected
Helps people make decisions about who to vote for Elections Held when leader's term is ending
Americans vote for leaders of the country, state, city...
Americans vote for different people (Candidates) How do candidates get people to vote for them? How do candidates get people to vote for them? They inform people about their platform:
posters Campaign Posters What do logos for campaigns look like? Campaign Ad Obama's Platform: less regulations for businesses
would repeal Obamacare health care plan Romney's Platform: Increase taxes for people with most money and lower taxes for middle class
Would continue Obamacare What is a logo? President: at least 35 years old
natural born citizen
or a resident of 14 years Wisconsin Governor at least 18 years old
A citizen of the state of Wisconsin Senator at least 30 years old
Citizen of the state Mayor 18 years old
resident of city Who can be
a candidate? Campaign ad from 1952 Turn and Talk: What was similar and different about these ads? A political party is a group of people who share
similar beliefs and have similar political goals Did you know? Where do we see logos and posters for campaigns? Turn and Talk: What do these logos tell us?
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