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Let's make rice pudding!

Rice pudding is a very traditional English dessert, similar to our "arròs amb llet" and very easy to make. Enjoy it! :)

Laura Andradas

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Let's make rice pudding!

INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup of short grain rice 2 tablespoons of sugar 600 ml of whole milk a knob of butter grated nutmeg STEPS 1. Warm your oven to a 160º degrees Celsius 2. Into an ovenproof dish add
a quarter cup of short grain rice 3.Then add 2 tablespoons of sugar 4.Add 600 ml of whole milk 5. Then add a small knob of butter 6. Place the mixture in the oven for 2 hours 7. But after the first 1/2 hour, lift it out,
give it a stir and sprinkle on some grated
nutmeg 8. Some people put a spoon full of raspberry jam in the middle. VIDEO TOTAL AMOUNT OF CALORIES 600 ml whole milk: 360 Kcal
2 spoons of sugar: 64 Kcal 1/4 cup of rice: 51 Kcal some grated nutmeg: 0 Kcal a knob of butter: 102 Kcal SO, this recipe contains 577 Kcal,
what represents 24,5% of the RDA.
Its ingredients belong to the grain;
milk; meat and fats, oils and sweets
groups. ENJOY IT!
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