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EPQ Presentation French Cinema

Jan 2015 presentation for my EQP on the Anglo/Americanisaiton of French Cinema

Ruby Porter

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of EPQ Presentation French Cinema

Planning and Research

Email Address
City, State
How and why I chose to study the Anglo/Americanisation of French cinema.
E-mails to academics, Interviews, Questionnaire
Variety of resources, books, online journals, web pages
Successes and difficulties
Importance of reliability
Success of survey
E-mail responses
Possible titles:
Themes: culture, linguistics, fluency, foreign literature
Anglo/Americanisation of culture
Anglo/Americansaiton of popular culture
Planning techniques:
Gantt chart
Spider Diagram
Progress Diary
Project objective statement
Speaking to peers
Key Arguments
Thank you for listening
Is the Anglo-Americanisation of French cinema unstoppable?
Ruby Porter
Key terms
French cinema
: films produced in France
: the influence of the UK and America on other countries

Project Aims: To plan, research and then write a 5000 word essay on my topic.
Primary and Secondary
Language Learning and Popularity of English
French GCSE entrants in the UK
2002 - 341,604 2010 - 199,688

English speakers
Native 359 million
Non native 600 million

European Commission Report
67% of Europeans consider English as one of the most useful languages.
Decrease in the proportion thinking that French is important (-9 percentage points)
Chinese is more important, 2005 - 2013 + 4% points.
Inspiration from watching french films
Global box office
$35.9 billion in 2013
Up 4% over 2012’s total
Box office increases:
International ($25.0 billion)
U.S./Canada ($10.9 billion)

77/100 people had watched a french film
29% of these had watched 5 or more french films
Growing markets
Role of Cinema
Is there anything you've not fully understood?
Is there anything else you'd like to know?
Världens 100 största språk 2010" [The world's 100 largest languages in 2010]. Nationalencyklopedin (in Swedish). 2010. Retrieved 12 February 2014
"English Language". Columbia University Press. 2005. Retrieved 26 March 2007.
Theatrical Market Statistics 2013
Motion Picture Association of America

Difficulties with email responses
Reliable data
Recent data
- majority young people
Limited books on American cinema - very complex and in depth
Irrelevant information

Areas of further research

French speakers in America
Anglophone music and other aspects of Americanisation
Comparison of cinema with music/fashion

Despite large influence, French cinema will continue
Government funding
Female directors
Hollywood films vs Art
Always future uncertainty, changing trends, economic unpredictability
Overall I believe it is not unstoppable, that its influence is powerful but will not completely corrupt the French cinematic market.
"...not isolated and turned in on itself - like Hollywood marooned between the desert and the ocean - but an organic part of the
wider artistic community
The Farber and Farber book of French Cinema

“In France, a country where cinema has been an art at the same level as painting or literature since the New Wave,
budget issues and profit are considered as vulgar
, or at least as going against
the creative process
A.Benassy article: Is French Cinema in Decline?
Met intended outcomes
Still 'in progress'
Things I could have done differently

Strengths and Weaknesses of implementation:
Time management
Meeting deadlines
Being proactive
Networking (e-mail replies)
Started writing my report earlier
Literature Survey
Using more data/more interviews

Personal Development
Essay writing
Independent work
Peer feedback and critical self-assessment of work
Synthesising information
Learning Points
Arguments FOR the idea that Anglo-Americansation is unstoppable
Arguments AGAINST Anglo-Americanisation being unstoppable
Arguments AGAINST Anglo-Americanisation being unstoppable
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