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No description

J Casullo

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of KING NARMER

By: Denzell Ward
This pharaoh is one of the best pharaohs who ever lived. He accomplished things no other pharaoh could. He ruled Egypt thousands of ago during the Ancient Times.
All About King Narmer's life
King Narmer was born in 3180 B.C. and died in 3120 B.C.
King Narmer's accomplishments as a pharaoh
accomplishments as a pharaoh.
There are many reasons why King Narmer is the best pharaoh.
These are a few reasons why I think King Narmer is the best pharaoh in the world.
This pharaoh is King Narmer,
the catfish king.
This is a presentation of the best pharaoh in the

King Narmer.
He ruled Egypt for about 30 years.
The cause of his death is unknown but theory has it that he was hunting and was killed by a hippo.
Narmer was the only pharaoh to accomplish uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.
King Narmer was the very first pharaoh to wear the double crown.
These are some interesting facts about king Narmer's life.
King Narmer had many
King Narmer accomplished uniting Upper and Lower Egypt.
In order to do this he had to go through battle and succeed to win.
King Narmer is known as the catfish king.
One reason why I think King Narmer is the best pharaoh is because he was the only pharaoh to unite Egypt.
Another reason why I think he is the best pharaoh is because he is known as the first pharaoh to rule during the first dynasty.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I hope you enjoyed this presentation
There's a lot you can learn!
You can learn that King Narmer is known as King Menes and the Catfish king.
Lots of kids enjoy learning about him
Why King Narmer Is The Best Pharaoh
best pharaoh in the world.
Many tried but, he was the only one to accomplish this.
King Narmer in
double crown seperated
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