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Of mice and men Carlos Peñaloza 11c

Of mice and men Carlos Peñaloza 11c

Carlos Penaloza

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Of mice and men Carlos Peñaloza 11c

Of Mice and Men by John Steninbeck Characters:
.Carlson is strong, child like, a little is short and witty, is responsable
for taking care of Lennie. is an old man, he´s the handy man She´s the only female in the novel
alway dress nice, she got the attention. is the one that drives the mule truck. he´s Curley´s father. is the one that is always telling Candie. Setting:
Soledad, California; salinces Valley
Migrant workers, American Dream,
Friendship. Rising Action:
away from a problem
-If Lennie gets in the troble he goes back
near the river.
-Candy`s dog get killed, lennie gets a new
-Curley ask Lennie whey he was mocking (fight).
-George says to Lennie "don´t mess with her, she´s troude"
-Curley´s wife flirts with George und Lennie. Climax:
Lennie kills curlie´s wife; Candy finds
the dead body.
Thesis statement:
in of Mice and Men, by Steinbeck, Lennie
and George suffer under the hands of a nation torn by the roots of society. wich was devastated by the land itself.
utopian theme
O.k, someday were gonna get the jack
together and were gonna have a little house
and a couple of acress an a cow and some pigs
and have rabbits. Somewhere in the novel
Lennie says"now wich way do we go george?"
the ranch workers look for lennie. Sorprise ending:
George has to kill Lennie.
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