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Katy Perry - Roar!!!! figurative language

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Briana Amarante

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Katy Perry - Roar!!!! figurative language

Katy Perry - roar
figurative language in the lyrics
Katy perry uses a variety of figurative language, some types used are similes, metaphors, hyperbole, idioms, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. we might not find all of these in the lyrics.
this song signifies a person standing up for what they believe in and making sure to be heard.
lets take a closer look at the lyrics! lets look for idioms!
"i used to bite my tongue and hold my breath!"
this is an idiom because she did not actually bite her tongue and hold her breath. if she bit her tongue that would hurt her and she would probably pass out from the lack of oxygen. she means that she was waiting for something bad to happen.
"scared to rock the boat and make a mess!"
this is an idiom because she couldn't actually rock the boat and splash water everywhere. what she is saying is that she didn't want to disturb the situation and get in trouble.
"I've got the eye of the tiger!"
this is an idiom because she doesn't have a tiger eye. by this she means that she is focused on herself and her future. not on someone else.
“Dancing through the fire!”.
this is an idiom because she couldn’t
actually dance through a fire. She would get injured. She means that if it hurts to stand up she will make it through”.

“Went from zero to my own hero!”
This is an idiom because she wasn't a
number and then turned into a super hero. She means that she felt like
nothing until she stood up and then she felt like somebody.

as you can see Katy has some strong meanings to her lyrics. why don't we try to find some similes now!
“Now I’m floating
a butterfly!"
this is a simile because she is
using the word “like” to compare herself to the butterfly. We think
that by this she means that she is care free and that she doesn't
have to worry about things.
a bee I earned my stripes! ”
This is a simile because she
is using the word “like” to compare herself to a bee. By this we think
that she feels she is courageous and that she thinks she did a good
job for standing up.

thunder gonna shake the ground”
this is a simile because she
is using the word “like” to compare herself to the power of the
thunder. She means that she will make sure that she makes an
impact to her act of standing up.

clearly she likes to use similes in her lyrics.
have a look at these metaphors.
“I went from zero, to my own hero”.
This is a metaphor because zero
and hero are on completely different part of the scale on power. It
also doesn’t use the word like or as. She is showing how she started
as a weak person and ended up as a super confident person.

we are almost done
stay with me! :)
ex: "man, i cant almost die at how cool prezi is!"
that was a hyperbole = an exaggeration to show strong feeling or effect.
we should go find some if we can at all!
a common expression that does not literally mean what the words say.
ex: "yo! dog why you be all up in my grill"
a comparison made between two unlike things using "like or "as"
ex: "her eyes were as blue as the sky"
a comparison made between two unlike things without the use of a comparison word
ex: "in the morning i am a zombie"
“I let you push me past the breaking point!”
this is a hyperbole
because she is exaggerating that she got frustrated. She meant
that this person got on her nerves so much that she couldn’t stand it

ex: "the ball swooshed into the net!"
that was onomatopoeia = the use of words with sounds that echo their sense.
Katy uses onomatopoeia ON A FEW OF HER LYRICS.
“Oh oh oh oh oh oh “
This is an onomatopoeia because this is the a
sound you make when you sing or shout. She put this in the song
because it made the song longer?
This is an onomatopoeia because this is the sound a lion OR tiger makes. She put this in the song to make her sound powerful.

ouder than a
This is alliteration because it is using the
letter “L“ in a repetitive sequence. She is trying to say that she is
making her voice loud so that it can be heard.

Katy Perry’s song Roar has many different types of figurative language.
This shows that she is a very good singer and song writer.


this is the lyric
video to roar,

(: enjoy :)
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