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Jen Wilbur

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Continual flow of information and ideas to and from multiple sources of power. The constant dynamic of competing ideas at times makes the goal of always making the best possible decisions for not only Kailua & Waimanalo but for the entire State of Hawaii challenging, but not impossible.

Diagrammed here are some of the different power sources always in motion within this system. Department head positions are appointed by the Governor. Persons holding these positions are expected to help further the Governor's legislative platform and agenda. These positions come and go with the Governor, so new department heads are common as well as agendas. This set up makes it difficult for departments to move forward at a regular pace, given that the goals are often changing. Relationship building with the legislature can be difficult as well, given this structure. Forming and maintaining relationships with other members of the legislature is imperative to a legislative career. No one person can know every subject well.Creating a network of people that are trustworthy and with a range of knowledge can assist a legislator acquire knowledge of their own and as a result vote smarter. While separate but equal in many ways, the counties in Hawaii are dependent upon the legislature for certain funding. Example, Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) (hotel taxes) which is collected by the individual counties but controlled by the legislature.

The Counties responsibilities include most roadways (excluding highways/freeways), sewer, public parks, police & fire departments, lifeguards and beaches. Rep. Lee's city counterpart is Councilmember Ikaika Anderson. It is imperative that communication between Rep. Lee's office and Councilmember Anderson's office is constant and that the relationship is healthy. Most constituents do not know what is the City's responsibility and what is the State's - they just want their issues resolved. Counties These groups are paid to further their organization's or client's agenda. Lobbyists and unions track bills that would positively or negatively impact their client or organization. These groups testify on those matter as well as request for meetings with legislators. Lobbyists and unions are responsible for donating big money to political campaigns. While not illegal, it can complicate the process of creating legislation without bias. Lobbyists/Unions These are the people that got you elected and the community that you live in. There is a delicate balance between serving the needs of the people, businesses and organizations of your district while also meeting the needs of the state as a whole.

Information must flow from the office to the community at a constant pace.Information must come in from the community at that same pace to ensure that the services you are providing are the services that the community needs. Through the Senate President and the Speaker of the House, the Governor introduces their legislative bill package each year. Utilizing both their own policy team and individual department heads, the Governor pushes for his/her bills to be heard and passed through Senate and House Committees. Uncomfortable situations arise when the Senate/House does not agree with Governor's agenda. Governor State Departments State House of Representatives
&State Senate Office of a Representative in Hawaii House Constituents:Kailua &
Waimanalo Lt. Governor's Office Community Businesses Community Organizations Schools Maui County County of Kauai Hawaii County City & County of Honolulu Councilman Ikaika Anderson State Departments Boards & Commissions Democrats Republicans Subject matter caucuses House Members Senate Members Governor Lt. Governor AARP Painter's Union Examples of Unions Planned Parenthood Humane Society Plumber's & Fitters Union Chevron Examples of Lobbyist Groups Local 5 - Hotel Workers Steel Worker's Union http://www.ilind.net/2013/04/05/lobbyists-clout-increases-if-clients-contributions-are-counted/#sthash.FMERd8tP.dpbs Link to local blog about campaign donations from two major lobbyists here in Hawaii: Majority Caucus Minority Caucus Support Agencies & Staff Department Heads Neighborhood Boards Jen Wilbur
April 7, 2013
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