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Solving Equations with Integers


Katerina DeHart

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Solving Equations with Integers

Solving One-step Equations with Integers in real-world problems Flow-chart y/7=8 SADIE Adding & Subtracting Integers y - 5 = -4 8 years old in human years How many dog years is she? x=49 Sadie's age in human years # of dog years per human year Unknown variable: age in dog years sove by multiplying both sides by 7 2 1 Identify operation and key information + - / . keywords variable Isolate the variable using inverse operations "undo" get the variable by itself Whatever you do to one side, you must to do the other both sides 3 Apply rules for computing integers 4 x-2 = 3 original operation: subtraction x-2 +2= 3 +2 x-2 +2= 3 +2 do to both sides Multiplying & Dividing Integers - + / same signs --> positive different signs --> negative integer chips
number line
army guys & spies
leave change change (LCC) + - - solving one-step equations with integers Check Step substitution 3+2 = 5 Join
Pos. wins! 5 c/4 = -20 -75 = 3v q+ 6 = -2 #6 in pink math notebook together handout glue in notebook
blank page next to it divide into 8 squares just like for homework exit ticket Today I learned that... learning log highlight or underline key words 5 - 2 = 3
yes! .
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