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Martin Frobisher

No description

Sarah Emmanuel

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of Martin Frobisher

Martin Frobisher
By: Sarah.E, Andrew.A, Natalie.C
We are the crew of the great explorer Martin Frobisher. Today, our master is sick and cannot attend this presentation. He is the person who discovered Labrador, Resolution and Baffin Island. There is also a bay there, that is named after him! We are here today to tell you about what we have discovered, and about our great master, Mr. Frobisher.
Good day, royal court
Name: Martin Frobisher
Date of Birth: 1535
Place of Birth: Yorkshire, England
Date of Death: November 1594
Personal Information
More about his personal information
- There is no correct spelling of Frobisher’s name. It has been spelled Furbisher, Furbiser, Ffourbysher, Ffurbyssher, and Forrbiser.
-Martin was the second englishman to search for a northwest passage
-There is a flower named after Frobisher named the “Martin Frobisher Flower”

Interesting Facts
<- Frobisher bay
-Frobisher was a good navigator and sailor
-He was an explorer
-He was a good soldier and a naval officer

<-The Martin Frobisher flower
Impact on Exploration & Voyages:
-By ship/by sea
-By foot/by land
Method of Travel:
Thank you for attending our presentation and we hope you had a good time learning about our explorer, Martin Frobisher.
We hope you will all consider sponsoring his voyage
is here
-Frobisher Bay is here
-Resolution island is here
Martin Frobisher was
born here
It was for his three voyages to what was then called the New World that Frobisher became a famed explorer. He was among the first English explorers to sail the northeast coast of North America.

Here is a map of his three voyages.
This is iron pyrite!
This is gold!
Bibliography & Resources:
Cooke, Alan. FROBISHER, SIR MARTIN, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol. 1, University of Toronto/Universite Laval, 1966, April 14, 2015
Alchin, Linda. Sir Martin Frobisher 2015 April 15, 2015
Martin Frobisher's First Voyage - 1576 The Northwest Passage, Sympatico April 16, 2015
Questions or Comments?
Frobisher’s father, Bernard Frobisher died when he was only 10. His mother, Margaret Yorke died only three years later and he was sent to live with his uncle, Sir John Yorke. Frobisher was not a good student so he became a cabin boy on a trip to Guinea. Frobisher became was a licensed pirate,or a privateer, and looted French ships off the African coast. In the 1570s, he made three journeys trying to find a northwest way to get to the Orient. His goal was to discover the Northwest Passage, a route above North America that linked the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Instead he discovered Labrador, Resolution Island and Frobisher Bay. He was killed in a battle with the Spanish Armada on November 1594 in Plymouth.

Reasons for the explorer's travels
Frobisher explored west because he wanted to get more land for England and Queen Elizabeth because land meant power back then, and he wanted to impress her Majesty.
Martin Frobisher discovered Frobisher Bay, Labrador, Frobisher Straits, and Resolution Island. He explored Greenland and was the first explorer to pass through the Hudson Strait.

-On Frobisher’s first voyage, he discovered Resolution Island, Frobisher Bay, and Baffin Island. Frobisher brought back gold to the queen and she gave him money to fund his next journey
-Frobisher claimed the Arctic for England naming it Meta Incognita, six weeks after he set sail. This time he was not treated kindly by the Inuit, and it ended with a war.
-Gold Fever struck England. Queen Elizabeth authorized another journey for Frobisher. Frobisher set sail in 1578 with 15 ships, 300 miners, and enough lumber to build a colony. It was the largest Arctic expedition in history.
-Frobisher mined 1,100 tonnes of ore that he thought was gold and brought it back to England, but it turned out to be Iron Pyrite.

Technologies used

The technologies Frobisher used to navigate included a globe, a compass, and an astrolabe. Astrolabes are used to measure the positions of objects in the sky, which helped measure the latitude of the ship.

When Frobisher was traveling in the Arctic the weather was very dangerous. There was fog, wind and ice. There were usually storms and ships tipped over and several of them were lost . Many
crewmembers died of wounds, illness, or were
overworked mining.
"Get ready to venture, on a spectacular adventure"
Impact on exploration
Frobisher accidentally discovered the Hudson Strait which led to the exploration of central Canada.

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