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Harry Potter Archetypes

No description

Emily Johncox

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Harry Potter Archetypes

The Hero Harry Potter Emily Johncox Situational Archetypes Symbolic Archetypes Character
Archetypes - Voldemort tried to kill him at birth
- His parents were killed; raised by Dursleys
- He is the one who must kill Voldemort to save the Wizarding World Albus Dumbledore The Mentor - teaches Harry how to be a man and to be a wizard
- is a friend and a leader to Harry and helps him to protect against Voldemort Hagrid The Friendly Beast - Hagrid is big and hairy; frightening appearance
- he really is one of Harry's most trusted friends at Hogwarts
- friendly to all 1st years Lord Voldemort The Devil Figure - he tries to take over the Wizarding World
- tries to kill the Hero, Harry
- keeps coming back, will do anything not to die Hermione Granger Platonic Ideal - Harry is not physically attracted to Hermione
- she is the most intellectually advanced character in the series Severus Snape Evil Figure with a Good Heart - to Harry, Snape is evil because he always makes life more difficult
- he gains Voldemort's trust, though he really is on the side of Dumbledore
- he loved Harry's mother, so he protected Harry all of the the years, though he acted like he hated him Neville Longbottom The Loyal Retainer - though he is a bit clumsy, Neville is brave in supporting Harry
- in the 7th book, Neville runs Dumbledore's Army for Harry to save Hogwarts Dementors Creature of Nightmares - sucks the souls out of people, but they still live
- controlled by Voldemort
- constantly attacking Harry Ron, Harry, & Hermione The Hunting Group of Companions - all of their adventures in Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World are together
- they face danger, risks, and challenges as a team The Battle Between Good and Evil Harry Potter vs. Voldemort - Harry: Good & eventually wins out
-Voldemort: Bad & is defeated Death and Rebirth Fawkes - Dumbledore's Pheonix
- he gets old, is set on fire, and is reborn from the ashes The Task Killing Voldemort - Harry's task is to kill Voldemort and save the Wizarding World Light vs. Darkness Harry vs.Voldemort - battle between Voldemort and Harry with the green and red light Magic Weapon The Elder Wand - the Elder Wand is undefeatable
- wands in general are ways to channel magic The Number 7 Completeness - J.K. Rowling made 7 books in the Harry Potter series
- symbolizes his complete and unified journey All was well.
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