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Justin Bieber

No description

Kaitlyn Sheppard

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
His two favorite T.V. shows are Smallville and Friends.
I chose Justin because he is one of my favorite pop artists, and he is such a sweet kid. Also because he does so much for his fans and for the community. He has such an amazing voice and personality. And his performances are amazing!!!
Justin's Albums
Justin's career started out singing out on the streets in his hometown. Then his mom started posting videos on YouTube of him singing, and he was getting more and more subscribers, so he stared posting more videos and eventually Scooter Braun discovered him and knew he would be successful in the music indrustry.
Why I chose Justin
What Justin does to help
Facts about Justin
Justin's Accomplishments
At 12:56 AM, 2nd floor,room 126 at St.Jude Hospital in Stanford, Ontario, Canada a singer with an amazing voice was born...Justin Bieber
On March 1st, 1994
Justin has many albums starting from 2009,My World, My World 2.0, My Worlds Acoustic, Under the Mistletoe, Believe, Believe Acoustic, and Journals.
From the Beginning
Justin's whole entire Believe tour sold out in one hour.
Justin has won over 50 major awards.
He has had 3.75 billion views on YouTube.
Justin has 48,000,000 followers on Twitter and 57,000,000 on Facebook.
The box office sales for his movie, Never Say Never, made $98,441,954.
By: Kaitlyn Sheppard
The charity has educated 4,000 kids and has positively impacted 38,000 lives with it's programming and has completed 2,000,000 educational instruction hours.
Justin also goes to cancer patients and kids who are in need. But Justin's most special cancer patient was 6 year old Avalanna Routh. She had a rare brain cancer called ATRT. Her nickname was Mrs. Bieber. She and Justin got "married", it was her biggest wish. Unfortunately, 7 months after they got "married" she died. Immediately after it happened Justin tweeted his sorrow and called Avalanna "One of the greatest spirits I have ever known.
He is the youngest artist to have 5 number one albums in the United States.
He loves Disneyland.
He loves the movie, The Lion King.
His father, Jeremy Bieber, was a former MMA fighter.
T.G.I Friday's is his favorite restaurant.
If Justin wasn't a singer he would want to be an architect.
His favorite animal is a giraffe.
Something I didn't know about Justin...
I learned that his blood type is AB positive.
An interesting fact...
A fact that I thought was interesting about Justin is that he is claustrophobic.
Website 1
Website 2
Title: Believe
Author: ZinePak
Copyright: 2012
Author: Sam Severn, Jono Gibson, Louisa Gregson
Copyright: 2012
Author: Olivia B.
Copyright: 2013
Justin is mostly known for his singing and dancing, but he does a lot more than that. He has several charities, one of the charities is called Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is a charity that builds schools to give kids an education who couldn't have one before.
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