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Exercise Services Brochure

Crisis Management Exercise Services by PreparedEx

Rob Burton

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Exercise Services Brochure

1. Interactive web-based application that enables a high degree of customization and presentation of content in an engaging and realistic environment
Exercise Services
Resiliency & Sustainability
for the 21st century

Enterprises need to conduct exercises that not only test policies and procedures but also provide realistic practice for executives who will have to manage events in real time. Crisis situations unfold in a dynamic and fast moving environment. Exercises are the only truly effective means of developing confidence in procedures and mutual trust among members of crisis management teams.
At PreparedEx, we believe that enterprise risk management goes beyond planning. Organizations need to conduct relevant, realistic exercises to test their resilience and to assure that their plans have in fact prepared them to manage risks and mitigate the impact of threats to business continuity.
We understand these challenges and work with our clients to develop scenarios that will help them maintain and increase their preparedness and response capability. We design scenarios and conduct exercises that are realistic, interactive, fast paced, and thought provoking.
PreparedEx have developed a range of services to meet the particular needs of executives and managers at many levels of an organization over a wide range of risk scenarios.
Corporate War Games
Designed to test the team’s ability to deal with the range of issues that are escalated above business processes
Enables senior executive team to practice an integrated response across functions and locations, making judgment calls that address the overall operational integrity of the enterprise, and managing crisis communication both internally and externally

Tabletop Exercises
Tabletop Exercises bring together heads of lines of business and leaders of business processes to evaluate their state of readiness for crisis management, disaster recovery, and business continuity (can be extended to include critical vendors)
Realistic scenarios are presented in an engaging,
low stress environment where teams walk through their plans for responding to an unfolding situation
Participants are presented an evolving set of facts and circumstances that require them to make a series of real-time decisions that test both their established plans and their ability to respond to unanticipated events

Functional Exercises
Practice crisis response utilizing actual systems and tools as if there were a real incident
“Near real” simulations utilizing existing incident management systems and all relevant tools available to the incident management team
Can include the use of a Red Team to carry out activities that create a high level of reality to the exercise
Requires live communication among a larger range of constituents, including external parties

Full Scale Exercises
Simulated training event that incorporates all operational aspects of a business, including external parties such as critical vendors, government agencies as appropriate, and other key stakeholders
Demands a high degree of physical participation and wide scale communication
Designed to help identify weaknesses and gaps in processes, procedures and plans in order to propel the organization to achieve an even higher level of preparedness
Our Subject Matter Experts conduct exercises using our proprietary LaunchPAD application. So what is LaunchPAD?
For more information visit
preparedex.com or call
How we do it differently
Preparedness Through Realistic
Crisis Management Simulation Exercises

What's your Risk?
Are your teams prepared?
Places the C-suite team in simulated pragmatic scenarios that test their capacity for making some of the most critical decisions that an organization may face when threatened
Do we really know if our critical vendors are prepared?
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4. Scalable tool that bridges the gap among the participants in an exercise on a common platform that cuts across a wide range of activities within the enterprise with no need for special training
3. Operationally robust but has a simple interface that is readily accessible to all personnel regardless of technical training, functional discipline, or business background
2. Efficient and cost-effective means of providing simultaneous access to any member of the enterprise, regardless of where they reside; differentiated content can be presented on a “need to know” basis
Is your organization prepared?
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