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New Colonies Test Review

America Land I Love Chapter 3

Jennifer Linder

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of New Colonies Test Review

Who governed the Puritan Colony Johnathan Winthrop What colony had the first
written constitution? Great Migration John Winthrop Connecticut We were the most
prepared colony The Puritans How many ships and
passengers were in the
Puritan voyage? 17 ships
1000 passengers Describes the emigration
of 25,000 Puritans Great Migration What was Withrop's vision? A city set on a hill What was the first college
founded in America? Harvard College What law provided for the
education of Puritan children? Ole Deluder Satan Who is known as
the apostle to the Indians? John Eliot Name the parts of the
Puritan Work Ethic God Created Work
Man created to work
All work is noble
Work brings glory to God America Land I Love
Chapter Three Review Who governed the
Puritan colony? Who founded Connecticut? Thomas Hooker Who wrote A Key into the Language of America? Roger Williams What were Roger Williams
disagreements with the Puritans Pay the Indians
Separate church and state What colonies were
made part of Massachusetts? Maine
New Hampshire What was the
voluntary alliance
between the colonies
for protection? New England Confederation Who claimed land for the Dutch? Henry Hudson What land system resembled feudalism? Patroon System What was the largest Dutch colony called? New Netherlands What is the Dutch name
for New York City? New Amsterdam How many colonies
are in the middle colonies? Three Name the colony
founded for debtors Georgia What colony is also
known as New Sweden? Delaware What was the largest
city in the colonies? Philadelphia What does Pennsylvania mean? Penn's Woods What colony was founded
as a haven for Catholics? Maryland Why did the English
want New Netherlands? Fur Trade
Deep Harbor
Unite English Colonies What was the Puritans
great mistake? The Halfway Covenant
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