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How To Read Literature like a Professor

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on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of How To Read Literature like a Professor

"I want to be with you, you want to be with me, let us share the experience." (9)
Authors give characters "disabilities" or "minorities making them different so that they have the chance to overcome it.
"passing a joint doesn't quite resemble the wafer and the chalice SYMBOLICALLY there's no difference."(INSERT PAGE NUMBER)
The sharing and eating together creates a bond that says, "I'm with you, i share this moment with you, i feel a bond of community with you."
No matter what, we are all humans and people that eat even at all social levels.
Main Points to the chapter
Movie Clip
Michael Oher has worn out clothes and seems displaced or given a "minority" title due to his social class.
The situation:
There is an African American man who is of lower class that is invited over to stay with a wealthy white family for his duration in school. While he stays he encounters the Thanksgiving holiday and sits by himself to eat. The mom of the family notices and arranges a "family" dinner for the holiday in the dining room where they all hold hands and say grace and eat the same food together around the table enjoying each other's company.
By Mikuni Poon
Period 7
How To Read Literature like a Professor
Chapter 2
: Nice to eat with you: Acts of communion
The Blind Side 09'
He has an uncomfortable look and seems out of place during the grace scene when he peeks his eyes open to see what the rest of the family is doing.
Collins reaches over to Michael she makes a gesture towards to reassure him that it is okay and that they are all together for this meal.
Symbolically that represents Michael's "family" that he lost and after the meal he has a stronger bond with the Tuohy family.
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