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Lionel Messi

No description

Edward Garay

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Lionel Messi

Translated from Spanish by Cecilia Molinari
Presentation by Edward Garay ADOLESCENCE At the age of 13, Lionel Messi did what not all average thirteen year olds do, move away from their families. At thirteen years, Leo signed with Futbol Club Barcelona. Messi, who wasn't used to being away from home, or his family, had to move from Rosario to Barcelona, Spain. Messi had to get used to his new school, at La Masia, new people and the Catalan language. Messi also had to face homesickness. CHILDHOOD Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario to a family of six, mother Celia Cuccittini, father Jorge Messi, eldest brother Rodrigo Messi, second brother Matias Messi, and sister Maria Sol Messi. Lionel Messi was, as a child, very shy. He was very quiet and didn't speak much. Messi went to a local elementary school in Las Heras. In his class, Messi had a friend, who was portrayed like his mother. She was Messi's interpreter. Messi was too shy to raise his hand and speak on his own. But even though he was shy, Messi's teacher, Monica Domina, still remembers him as a "silent leader." Messi led by action. Messi didn't enjoy school. Messi, most of the time, found happiness whenever a ball was around. Lionel Messi faced some struggles as a child and through his adolescence. At a young age, Leo was diagnosed with a Growth Hormone Deficiency. Messi couldn't grow. He needed growth hormones(the treatment cost more than half of his father's wage). The only way Messi's family ended up receiving the help for the treatment was through FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona provided the growth hormones as long as Messi signed with them. This was a big help to the Messi family. Every night, Messi had to inject himself with growth hormones. A BIOGRAPHY Lionel Messi, Forward for FC Barlcelona, is an Argentine phenomenon, scoring goals at an uncontrollable rate. Born in Rosario, a small town in Argentina, not many would expect Messi to become what he is today at first sight. But even though Messi faced many struggles as a child, he managed to do what he does best, score goals. La Pulga, or the flea, managed to become the best player the world has ever seen, and currently at the age of only 25. Becoming one of the most influential people, making Times top 100 in 2011 and landing behind US President Barack Obama, Leo is idolized by children and adults around the world. Messi has had many achievements throughout his successful career. The most important of those achievements was the winning of four Ballon d'Or awards in four consecutive years. Messi became the first to be awarded Best Player of the Year four times and the first to win in four straight years, 2009-2012. Messi has also broken the record for most goals in a year, surpassing Gerd Muller, with 91 goals. LOYALTY TO BARCELONA Lionel Messi now plays with many world class players from around the world, most from Spain. Two of Messi's teamates, Gerard Pique and Francesc "Cesc" Fabregas, played with him in the Barcelona Academy. However, the three went their seperate ways. Pique, current CB for Barca and Spain, was signed by famous English club Manchester United in 2004 until returning to Barca in 2008. Cesc Fabregas, current midfielder also for Spain and Barcelona, was signed by another famous English club, Arsenal, in 2003 until returning to Barcelona in 2011. Messi, on the other hand remained loyal to the Catalan people and stayed in Barcelona. ADULTHOOD Lionel Messi is currently in a relationship with another Argentine. Her name is Antonella Roccuzzo. She knew Lionel since they were kids. In his biography, Messi states "She's my best friend's cousin," his best friend being Lucas Scaglia. Messi and Antonella have recently had a son. They have named him Thiago. POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS Messi has made many positive contributions in his career. Messi has donated computers, desks and other school equipment to his former elementary school in Las Heras. He has also established the Leo Messi Foundation, a charity that "supports access to education and health to vulnerable children." Messi also works with the UNICEF association. MOST INTERESTING FACT I felt the most interesting fact about Lionel Messi was that his first professional contract, a commitment contract, was written and signed on a restaurant napkin. The contract was signed by the current FC Barcelona manager at the time to prevent other clubs from acquiring Messi. WHY CHOOSE MESSI? I decided to choose Messi simply becuse he's an amazing athlete, the best footballer in the world and he has a life story that is very interesting, even though he is only 25. OPINION I feel Messi is a great role model to kids everywhere because of the struggles and doubts he had to overcome. Personally, I am a Barcelona fan, so I believe Messi is the best player the world has ever seen. I feel that Leo's accomplishments have changed and impacted the world of football completely. His personal contributions have impacted the world, not just in football, but outside the football world. RECOMMENDATION I enjoyed reading this biography because it was on a topic/person that I find interesting. I liked the book because it told about Lionel Messi's life and what he had to go through, face and overcome to get to where he is today. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a Messi fan, a Barcelona fan or a soccer fan in general.
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