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My Career

No description

Reed Shannon

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of My Career

My Career
The career field I choose is being a recording artist and in that field a person will go into a recording studio and sing over a song. Once the song is done, the person can put the music out for the world to hear. If the artist is popular they will probably go on tour to bring in more money. To get a record deal you have to have a demo to be able to take around to labels. There are label showcases that you can perform at that will give you the access you need to get in front of the people you need to be successful.
For my interview, I questioned Amir Windom. Amir is an Executive A&R at Atlantic Records who has worked with many acts such as the band Fun, Bruno Mars, and Trey Songz. My interview went very well and I gained more of an insight about the process of creating a hit song. Talking to him, I learned about how to book studio time and what makes a successful session in the studio.
The Path
To be a successful recording artist a high school diploma in all the basic courses including History, Math, Science, and English as well as having weekly private lessons, group master classes, theory and sight reading lessons, will o a long way.

Some Colleges that can get me there
Florida State University
University of Michigan
Berklee College of Music

The Recording Artist
- Reed Shannon
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