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Issues in Developmental Psychology

No description

Desiderio IV Camitan

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Issues in Developmental Psychology

Nature VS Nurture
Is development primarily the product of genes, biology, and maturation—or of experience,
learning, and social influences?
Continuity VS Discontinuity
Do humans change gradually and in quantitative ways—or do they progress through qualitatively different stages and change dramatically into different beings?
Developmental Psychology
is the scientific study of age-related changes throughout the human life span. A discipline of scientific inquiry, it recognizes humans of all societies and cultures as beings who are “in process,” or constantly growing and changing. This discipline identifies the biological, psychological, and social aspects that interact to influence the growing human life-span process.
Goodness VS Badness
of Human Nature
Are humans innately good, innately bad, neither (tabula rasae), or both?
Universality VS Context Specifity
Is development similar from person to person and from culture to culture—or do pathways of development vary considerably depending on the social contexts?
Activity VS Passivity
Do humans actively shape their own environments and contribute to their own development—or are they passively shaped by forces beyond their control?
by Mr. Dex Camitan
Issues in Developmental Psychology
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