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Target Audiences

No description

Mr. Go

on 28 September 2010

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Transcript of Target Audiences

Target Audience
Tips 1. Identify different ways in which audiences are targeted (gender, age, ethnicity, class) and what ways you plan to target each 2. Avoid oversimplistic phrases: "It will appeal to ___ age group because ___." Instead discuss with gentler language: "Many in ___ age group may be attracted by ___" 3. Try to move beyond genre and characters as reasons why audiences would be attracted to your film to more obscure reasons (e.g. music) 4. Focus also on reasons why it might not appeal to others (this could also contribute to reasons why it might appeal more to a target audience 5. Examples of reasons it might appeal: Concept/ Tone/ Attractiveness of the protagonist/ Subject Matter/ Additional Elements (e.g. sex or violence) 6. Use examples of existing films that are similar in certain aspects as evidence that your thoughts are researched. 8. Think about interesting ways to present this information 7. Be realistic. You will get more credit for being honest and modest about your film's appeal (possibly due to competition of similar films or a more complex storyline) then assuming that your film would simply be a huge hit.
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