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Argumentitive Writing

SHHS 2012-13

Summer Brewer

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of Argumentitive Writing

What is an argument essay?
An essay which tries to convince a reader to believe what you believe about a certain topic and usually spur them to some action.
You are arguing your side
supported by facts & evidence
Divide into 5+ paragraphs.
Have a thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph.
Come up with 3 main points to support your argument--these will be your 3 body paragraphs. Include counterclaims for these.
Have a conclusion that contains a clincher statement.
Consult your rubric as you work!
Aim for 6-8 sentences per paragraph.
Use good vocabulary and sentence structure.
Begin with "hello my name is __ and I'm going to write about___"
Be "wishy-washy." Pick a side and stick to it.
Forget to support your opinions with facts and examples from the text.
Use vague or weak vocabulary.
Paragraph one:
First sentence must grab attention and hook the reader. Can be quote, anecdote, riddle, shocking statement...Be creative!
The last sentence of the first paragraph must be the thesis statement. It must clearly state your opinion, be arguable, be valid, and establish a clear position.
More on thesis:
Don't go too broad or too narrow.
Include a definite statement.
Thesis Checklist:
Does your thesis respond directly to the prompt?
Does it contain a definite statement?
Is it arguable?
Can you provide evidence to back up your thesis?
This is where you clearly state your
Paragraphs 2, 3, & 4:
Should each contain
clear point to support your opinion.
Each paragraph should begin with a transition word and topic sentence.
The topic sentence is the clear
EASON why one should support your opinion.
The body of the paragraph must contain support from the provided text. Give
XAMPLES to support your side.
You must also acknowledge the other side and refute why yours is better.
Save your strongest point for paragraph 4, the paragraph just before the conclusion.
Paragraph 5:
Still 6-8 sentences.
Must begin with a transition word such as "finally" or "in conclusion".
Restate your
PINION in different words.
Leave your reader wanting to do something.
Paragraphs Recap:
Triple stuffed OREO!

2,3, & 4
pinion (restated)
Remember: Use strong, vivid words!! Be content specific when possible.
Avoid you, we, this, there are, he said.

We think this topic is irrelevant to teenagers and he said there are no supports to go with it.


You will be given an article, commercial or some sort of reference. You MUST use supports from the provided texts in
every body paragraph
! You do not have to quote it but paraphrase, summarize or analyze.

What's wrong?
A: This issue would allow us to prove our responsibility to you by spitting our gum out.

What issue? It may have been mentioned in the prompt but that doesn't mean the reader knows what it is. Who is us/our?

Chewing gum in class would allow students to showcase their responsibility by disposing of gum in garbage cans instead of leaving a gooey mess under desks as teachers would seem to fear.

*Addresses topic, acknowledges other side while refuting it, uses vivid words.
What's wrong?
They hear those kind of words every day so hearing them in music is no different.

Better: Teenagers hear profanity everyday so hearing the occasional vulgarity in music is no different to them.
Clarifies who hears and what they hear.

One more:
If you put restrictions on music then you will lose money.

I am not going to lose money, I don't sell music!

If music companies put restrictions on their music, then their sales will decline resulting in a loss of profit.

I believe students should be allowed to
chew gum at school.

Is this a valid thesis statement?
NO! No one can argue
with the fact you believe it.
Chewing gum must be stopped.
Is this a good thesis?
Chewing gum should be stopped.

Is this a good thesis?
It is too vague. Where should it be stopped?
Why? Who should stop chewing it?
Gum should be stopped in schools because it is distracting,
messy, and contains sugar.
Don't quote bomb!
Lead into quotes and paraphrases.
According to the article, students who chew gum....
Dr. Smith states, "Students who chew gum while studying....."
Mrs. Brewer often says, "Students who plagiarize, will fail."
In the rule book chewing gum is treated worse than cheating.
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