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ARTISTS - Mia and Clari

No description

gabriela meyer

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of ARTISTS - Mia and Clari

these are some of the
artist of this house
Now there will be some information about artist from the tudor family.
Another important artist of the Tudor court was Levina Teerline. Levina was born in Bruges and was recruited by Henry VIII in 1546. Her work was much admired by Elizabeth I. We know from court records that Levina presented a new portrait of Elizabeth every New Year's Day.
The most important English artist of the Tudor period was Nicholas Hilliard. He specialized in painting miniatures and was commissioned to paint several of Queen Elizabeth. When Elizabeth was considering marrying the Due d' Alencon in 1577, she sent Hilliard to France to paint his picture. However, after seeing his portrait she decided against the marriage.
important artists
the artists from the house of tudor
Henry VIII was the first English king to employ artists to paint portraits of the royal family. Henry was not very impressed with English artists and therefore recruited them from Europe. The most important of these was the German artist, Hans Holbein, who was appointed in 1536.
the first artist
To be an artist you needed dedication, perfection and skills. It is very difficult to be an artist without those things, and even if you have them it is difficult
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