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Editable version of TEKS 8A Taxonomy & 8B Classification Systems

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Gabriella Williams

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Editable version of TEKS 8A Taxonomy & 8B Classification Systems

8A Taxonomy
8B Classification
the scientific system of naming and classifying organisms
logical groups based on
ancestry What is taxonomy? 8B Classification Carl Linnaeus Linnaeus System Seven-level hierarchy system
Anatomical structures
General to specific
6 taxa
Classification of a grizzly bear Binomial Nomenclature Latin words meaning "two-word naming system" Homo sapiens
The genus name is Homo
The species is sapiens 4. How do scientists classify organisms?
5. What is a cladogram?
6. What is a dichotomous key? 1. What is taxonomy?
2. Why is a standardized taxonomic system important to the scientific community?
3. How has taxonomy changed overtime? "Bi"=two "nomial"=name
"nomen"=name "clarae"=to call Identifies Genus and Species Kingdom
Species Why is a stadardized taxonomic systems important to the scientific community? avoid confusion between scientists when studying organisms
refers to PRECISE organisms
stays the same no matter which language scientist speaks How has taxonomy changed overtime? Modern Taxonomy use several methods to classify organisms:
1. Fossil Record
2. Homologies
3. DNA
Closer related = lower taxa level (closer to species) 8A Taxonomy How do scientists categorize organisms? What is a cladogram? What is a dichotomous key? Hierarchial classification systems
1. cladograms
2. dichotomous keys show evolutionary relationships among SPECIES
closer related species appear closer on cladogram & vice versa
categorize according to
anatomical structures
behavior Rules:
all groups share a common ancestor
branches divide into two branches at a "node"
at a NODE, a group that branches off has DERIVED CHARACTER, a characteristic its ancestors DO NOT HAVE What is a clade? a series of ordered steps to follow to identify an organism Rules of Dichotomous Keys:
each step=ONE physical characteristics (veins in a leaf)
only 2 choices of that physical characteristics
steps arranged from most general to most specific Lets try it!!! Dichotomous Key Project Dichotomous Key Practice &
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