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Medal of Honor Recipients

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lib hist

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor Recipients
Why are Medal of Honor recipients distinguished Americans?
Our Medal of Honor recipients were 1st Lieutenant Harold Fritz, Captain Paul Bucha, John McGinty, and Sammy Davis.
Our Medal of Honor Recipients
Dominick Facinelli and Damien Weatherly
Paul Bucha and Harold Fritz
During the Vietnam war, Captain Paul Bucha and Captain Harold Fritz proved their commitment to their country when they performed acts above and beyond the call of duty. During 1968, Paul Bucha lead his men to victory against a much larger force meanwhile performing acts of valor himself such as throwing grenades into enemy bunkers by himself to protect his men.He showed Valor and Sacrifice in the face of danger During 1969, Harold Fritz lead his men to victory when his convoy got ambushed by the Viet Cong. Harold was wounded during the initial assault but he proved himself by performing acts above and beyond the call of duty such as re organizing his men and manning machine guns, leading charges straight into the enemy and not letting himself be treated by medics until everyone else was treated before him. Harold fritz showed acts of Valor, Courage, and Sacrifice on that fateful day.
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