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Henry Okonkwo

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Pyramids

Why were Pyramids Made?
Pyramids were built as tombs for dead Pharaohs. They were made to protect the dead bodies from floods,wild animals, and robbers. In the tombs the people place the Pharaohs belongings around him.They believed that if they had their belongings they would be happy after death. Building these structures were very important for the Eygptians because, they respected and cared about their dead pharohs.
Who Built Them?
Thousands of workers spent years of hard labor building pyramids.Surveyors, engineers, carpenters,artisans and stone cutters also helped build pyramids. Farmers also helped build pyramids.More farmers helped to build in the summer.The reason for this was that during the summer the Nile River flooded and they could not farm.
How were they built?
What Were They Made Of?
Pyramids were made of stone.They found the stone in the Nile River Valley and in Kush.The workers used different type of stone for different parts of the pyramid.
Pyramids took a lot of hard work. In order to build one workers first needed to find stone in the upper river valley and in Kush.Then the workers gave it to the artisans. The artisans carved the stone into large blocks using copper tools. Next the workers roped the blocks onto wooden sleds. The sleds were pulled on a path made of logs to the Nile River. From there, the stone was moved onto barges that carried them to the building area. Last workers unloaded the blocks and dragged or pushed them up ramps to be set in a place at each new level of the pyramid. Then they placed the capstone at the top of the pyramid.
The Era of Building Pyramids
One of the stones they used was limestone. Limestone was used for the core of the pyramid. It was rough and coarse.
Fine White Limestone was used for the outer walls. It was also used for the inner walls along with mud bricks.
Pink Granite was used to cover inside walls. It was way harder than limestone.
Basalt and Alabaster were used for the floor.
Granite and Gold were used for the capstone at the top of the pyramid.
Ancient Egyptians built pyramids but not for the whole of the Ancient Historical era. They started constructing pyramids by the year 2630 BC. This list shows the name of pyramids and when they were being constructed.
Djoser c. 2630-2611 BC
Sneferu c. 2612–2589 BC
Sneferu c. 2612–2589 BC
Khufu c. 2589–2566 BC
Djedefre c. 2566–2558 BC
Khafre c. 2558–2532 BC
Menkaure c. 2532–2504 BC
Userkaf c. 2494-2487 BC
Taharqa c. 664 BC
Sahure c. 2487–2477 BC
Neferirkare Kakai c. 2477–2467 BC
Nyuserre Ini c. 2416–2392 BC
Amenemhat I c. 1991–1962 BC
Senusret I c. 1971–1926 BC
Senusret II c. 1897–1878 BC
Amenemhat III c. 1860–1814 BC
Khendjer c. 1764-1759 BC
Piye c. 721 BC
Kubesh,Katie.McNeil,Niki.Bellotto,Kimm.The Pyramids of Eygpt.In The Hands of a Child.http://books.google.com/.January2,2014
Spielvogal,Jackson.A History of the World.Columbus:McGrawHillEducation,2013.Print
By Henry Okonkwo
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