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geog100:term PROJECT

No description

Jasmine Wan

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of geog100:term PROJECT

The relationship between the place(Wuhan) and culture
1. Introduction
2.My geography
3.Cutural system
4.Global culture
5.Some problems
My Geography
How have you shaped the world

.Creates cultural landscapes
- Yangtze River Bridge
It was constructed by other countries engineers who were from Moscow and Soviet (a human group) and was built on the River( a natural environment)
(eg: When I walk on this bridge, I can appreciate and the scenery and feel the unique culture of this place.)

My Geography
From this map, Wuhan lies in the eastern plain at the intersection of the middle reaches of Yangtze river and Han rivers.
My Geography
-From textbook (page62) Wuhan belongs to southeast in China were traded over long distance with high-value goods such as spices and textiles
Wuhan, China, my hometown
places shape culture, culture shapes place
My Geography:
cultural places shape me, creating a map is showing the relationship
Cultural system:
history, language, traits, religion, territory+affiliation shape a group collective identify ( influence me)
Global culture:
globalization changes culture( influence me)
geog100:term PROJECT
yONGFANG wAN(Jasmine)

Cultural places shape me
Wuhan, which is located in Central China.
-eg:Wuhan Yangtze River and Bridge
How have you shaped the world
Creates cultural landscapes
How has the world shaped you
Natural landscape

My Geography
- This bridge united the Beijing- Hankou Railway with the Guangzhou- Hankou Railway into the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway (eg: provide me with going to other province conveniently)

How has the world shaped you
Development needs change. The Wuchang Uprising of Oct 1911, which overthrew the Qing dynasty.Trough the Wuchang Uprising, it is known as the birthplace of the Xinhai Revolution.
-Wuhan Energy Flower
In the coming years Wuhan wants to become the most sustainable in the world, the world needs this. The involvement in such a prestigious building in China is something to be proud of as we see the sustainable city of Wuhan develop futher

My Geography
Cultural system
1. History
Where in the world is your local?
Global culture
Where in the world are you most interconnected?
(Not just in language, history, religion)
Major cities have same thing
- entertainment, junk food, cars
- similarities in architecture +fashion
+hybrid cultures

For entertainment
-Han opera is the local opera of Wuhan with a history of more than 300 years.

-During the late Qing dynasty, Han opera gave birth to Peking opera, has spread to other countries such as United States and Japan.
-Nowadays, a majority of international students form Wuhan share their culture to the world
For food
-The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before, Wuhan is one of the majority places influenced by the globalization. Now, many fast food stores in the street in Wuhan

-Many citizens in Wuhan are choosing the fast food because it is cheap and conveniently. (It shapes by the world)
Similar in architecture
+ hybrid cultures
-Roads and buildings
some of oldest buildings can be found in Wuhan, the architecture always not tall, and the road is very old and nor flat.

Tall buildings, international companies
some people can live in house like US and Canada. The roads are becoming new and conveniently.
-Technological, economic+ political forces shape agriculture systems that are global in scope
-Global trade+ finance institutions alter agriculture
Look at the left photo, Oil Crops Research Institute(OCRI), located in Wuhan in Central China, is a national scientific research center in oil crops improvement with complementary research disciplines
From my perspective, the local for me in this world in Hankou, which is in Wuhan city.
During the Second Opium War,the government was defeated by the western powers and signed the Treaties of Tianjin and the convention of Peking, which stipulated eleven cities or regions
-Open trading port
Because of this history, Hankou now is the main trading source of Wuhan and become a diversity city.
-More opportunities
With the development of the world, more and more advanced people from the developed country are choosing come to here develop their enterprise. This place is globally and full of culture atmosphere.

Some problems + solution

Cultural system
Religion + Territory
-With a 3,500-year-long history
-Wuhan is one of the birthplaces of the brilliant ancient Chu Culture in China
-In AD223, the Yellow Crane Tower was constructed on the Wuchang side of Yangtze River. It is a symbol of Wuchang
-The city has long been renowned as a center for the arts( especially poetry) and for intellectual studies.
Cultural system
2. Culture traits
Food are diversity eg: rice, snacks, noodles...
Now most Wuhan natives speak Mandarin Chinese and our own dialects, however, some children cannot speak our dialects, because immigration and globalization.
People like Color-red, it means luck and happiness.
-Freedom of "religious belief"
Wuhan consistently urged the government to expand the scope of religious freedom in accordance with the rights codified in the constitutions and internationally recognized norms.
-Wuhan in its territory of responaibility
After globalization and revolution
approximately 9 million people in Wuhan
because of overpopulation, we need more energy and sources and more enough farmlands
more the land use, leads to some environmental problems, like water pollution, drought
Food habitat:
more and more people eat junk food
1.We need to do more urban agriculture
2.Study and develop more
advanced technology
3. Move some factories to other cities
4.Consume less(reduce, re-use)
6.Vote with your money
-There have many ways in which space, place and landscape shape culture and same time that cultures shapes space, place+ landscapes
-Human activities shape human geography by different aspects
-Everything is be connected
-Globalization changes culture
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