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Location Master - The Enterprise (Looped)

No description

Liam Giet

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Location Master - The Enterprise (Looped)

Manufacturing Retail Logistics Inventory Customers Employees Suppliers Location MDM Hierarchy De-duplication DQ Analysis Licensing Security Optimisation Translation Geo-aware
data Presentation Desktop Tablet Mobile Location MDM Exploring the environment of the enterprise An enterprise that may have a manufacturing arm ... a network of commercial retail units, owned or franchised Personnel travel, parts & goods via owned / partnered transportation Storage locations of parts & goods, silos of materials for production Customers of the enterprise, public, internal & B2B Employees of the enterprise & associated contractors External & internal supply mechanisms for production An enterprise grows to fulfill its potential by developing necessary business units Individual business units build upon technology designed for their purposes As bespoke applications are established, file formats & data types become diverse Enterprise management had traditionally called upon adhoc joins between systems to answer fundamental questions or perform new operations Time to revisit the environment of the enterprise Cognizant will examine the applications & data types throughout the enterprise .. and extract "location aware" data from each business unit .. and utilise this location rich data to establish the basis of the enterprise's Location Mastered Data Management service LMDM core is built with an extensible hierarchical 4D model to accurately model the enterprise environment Utilising MDM principles of de-duplication, LMDM amalgamates this with location comparison tools Data Quality tools bring industry leading ability to assess & apply business rules for robust data import An engine to manage licenses, access & utilisation of 3rd party data for information enrichment A secure hierarchical security management core to control access and viewing policy between users LMDM brings operationally dependable use of location information in real time A MDM based engine to translate between languages and file formats for external applications Location MDM -
Uniting an enterprise through locational truth Enterprise data can be presented & robustly utilised across an range of applications dedicated to the best fit technology Cognizant Location Mastered Data Management -
Understanding the enterprise across the world
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