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Copper Sun plot diagram

No description

Katelyn Saige

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Copper Sun plot diagram

Copper Sun Plot Diagram Exposition Rising Action Falling Action Climax Resolution Everything was alright until they came.
The pale-skinned people. They attacked, stole things, stole people. Even damaged their homes. Amari's family was killed. Her little brother died
died when they were forced to march with all of the other people in her village of Ziavi. They were taken to Cape Coast. And thats where she was seperated from Besa, her soon-to-be husband. This is where everything started.
The slave journey. The climax of the story is when
Mr.Derby kills Noah, & Mrs.Derby's
baby. That causes Teenie, Amari, &
Polly to get in trouble. They each have a
punishment for helping Mrs.Derby. Polly's
punishment is to have her indenture sold
to a whorehouse. Teenie's son, Tidbit, is
to get sold/seperated along with Amari.
So they decide to runaway from Derbyshire
farm. And after they decide to escape, thats when everything important happens. They reached Fort Mose.
They walked in the Fort, there was a lady named Inez. She noticed that they were hungry, so she offered them some food!
Tidbit's real name is Timothy, and Teenie gave him that name so when he is a 'freeman', he can use it.
Tidbit is Amari's new son.
Inez also noticed that Amari looked sickly.
She told Amari that she isn't sick, she's pregnant!
Amari then remember the nights in Clay's room, and then found out that its Clay's baby.
She was furious, and so embarrassed.
Inez took Amari to their new home in Fort Mose.
Amari is a cook, or can build looms.
Polly is a school teacher for the children living in Fort Mose.
Tidbit is going to be a carpenter or a builder.
One character has changed in the book; Polly. She was rude 24/7. But throughout the book, she was getting nicer, and she cared more about the people around her. So, she was the major character who had changed in the book. By Saige Milroy h During the journey, Amari
met a woman named Afi. They
became very close.
They were taken to a slave sale.
Amari was sold to Mr.Derby,
owner of Derbyshire Farms.
On the wagon ride to the farm,
Amari meets a white girl named Polly,
which is the indentured servant. She also
meets Clay, which is Mr.Derby's son. Amari
is Clay's 16th birthday present.
Amari becomes very close to the head cook
named Teenie, and her son Tidbit.
Clay gets a whole bunch of his friends to go
gator hunting. And Tidbit is the bait. Clay urges
Amari to go watch. And its complete torture for her.
Hildy, a slave that had worked in the fields for
Mr.Derby, got bit by a snake. Flora, the slaves daughter is a server for the Derby's, ran down to help her mom out. So Amari and Polly had to serve for the Derby's that night at supper.
While, serving, all was well, until Amari tripped, and spilled the pie all over the floor.
Amari got whipped and was sore for so long. But that's when Polly and her got very close.
Mrs.Derby was pregnant with a slave named Noah. She had the baby, and it was a mixed child, with bright green eyes.
Amari, Polly, and Teenie helped her try and hide the baby from Mr.Derby Copper Sun By Sharon M. Draper Cato, a old slave, snuck to the smokehouse where Amari, Polly, Teenie, and Tidbit were.
He was telling them to escape. And go south to Fort Mose. They were confused at the fact that he was telling them to go south.
The next day, they woke up and hopped in the wagon with the Doctor. He stopped the wagon, and told them to escape. But to go north.
They decided to go to Fort Mose.
They traveled some tough days going through swamps, without little or no food.
Clay found them one night. They got away by shooting him. But just barely knicking his ear with the bullet.
They were at a creek once, and saw a kid around Amari and Polly's age. His name is Nathan. He gave them some food and told them where to go. One night, they ran into a little shack in the
woods. They stayed there over night, and met a
lady named Fiona. She gave them a wagon. And
while they were still there, Amari met Besa
again. She was devastated about how he
looked. Missing teeth, and one eye.
She was so sad.
When they got into
Florida, they met
Corporal Salvador.
He told them
the rest of the
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