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All About Me

Should be good...............!

Jade Stein

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of All About Me

Jade! All About Me! As a kid, I loved to... In 10+ years time... -Play with our dog
-Paint and draw
-Play with Barbies, plastic animals and
-Run around outside At this age I.. 2004-2007 2008-2011 Now- 2012+ I would like to be a wildlife conservationist
and help all endangered animals. I want
to keep fit and do lots of art and drawing. Special Events -Baptized
-Got a Baby sister <3 2001-2003 -Started going to school. Special Events From the age of about 7-10 I...
-Turned an age of double digits! Special Events -Went on a teacher exchange to Canada
with my family (as well as America, Germany and Austria)
-Unfortunately, Our dog, Sam died. :-( Now... -I still love doing sports, climbing trees, drawing and playing with all my toys
-I love animals HEAPS! Special Events -Elected School Leader!
-Got 2 new crazy dogs!
-Going to Borneo in July 2013 First Fast Facts Fav. Colour: Yellow Fav. food: Corn, nuts, tacos Fav. Movie: Superman 1 11 111 1V, Night at the Museum 1 & 11 Fav. Book: Holly's Heart, Everything for a dog Fav. Song: Let Her Go Dream Destination: Africa My mum is skiing down our Street in canada! -Was very funny.
-Became friends with a lot of people I know today
Fav. Animal: Big cats, wolves/dogs and bears Photos From Overseas... Fav. Sport: Cricket, swimming, soccer,tennis, athletics
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