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Ice Crossing

No description

Angela Altazan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Ice Crossing

Ice cross is a sport that has been in the Olympics since 2000. In Stockholm, this intense ice sport is a race between four hockey equipped skaters.The skaters sprint in a bobsled run as they fight to remain up right while clearing obstacles like jumps and ledges.
By:Chelsea and Leah
What is Ice Crossing ??
A lot of countries participate in this sport
it's a cross of hockey & snowboarding
This sport started in the year 2000
A lot of people slip on the obstacles
Crashed ice is an in the extreme sports events
Has governing body countries
This sport is played in a stadium
Spectators are fine but participants could get hurt
Hockey vs. Crashed Ice
The players safety equipment are helmets,gloves,padding,Etc. This keeps them from injuring themselves and getting hurt for falling.
Ice Crossing
Thursday 27,2014
What Safety equipment do the players use??
the fan base is good because a lot of people support it with flags,t-shirts,face painting,etc.
the participants don't do drugs or drink alcohol
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