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State Farm Agency Observations

No description

Tom Looney

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of State Farm Agency Observations

Greensboro AFO Agency Observations Will send out 80,000 PAVE leads during 2011
Participant in "Win-Back" Program - sends mailers to SF customers who have cancelled/lapsed
Internet leads - 8-12 Netquote, Insureme, and Agent Insider leads daily through Prospector +
Yellow Page Listing
Southeast Lifestyle Publication
Referrals - $10 gift card
Billboard located at S Elm-Eugene, up for 5 months Strengths Office location - new shopping center, between Starbucks and Subway
Limited competition in zip code
Young team member - Leslie - promptly greets clients upon entry
Percentage of total book under 30 years of age 18.63% [18.4%]
Interior signage - Mobile iPhone app sign on desk Marketing Specific Strengths Strengths Diverse team members - 2 Spanish-speaking
Anne's tenure - agent since 1994
Friendly staff - readily greets clients upon entry
Community involvement - Anne and Jonathan
Has set up Facebook, though not updated often Marketing Specific Strengths GMA Leads Group - promote agency through group; takes part in workplace workshops
Attends NAIFA and SFSP meetings
Sponsored AFS walk this past year
Sponsors annual tennis event per year (50 + women)
GMA golf tournament, American Heart Association - partner
Participation at UNCG - guest lecturer, hosted intern last summer
Jonathan - targets Hispanic market (8-10 Spanish businesses per month) Community Involvement Has "Fear of God" speech with every 16 year old who gets his/her license
Has conversations with clients who cancel policy
Reviews insurance with parents and teens
Sponsors Grasshopper games
Grocery cart ads - Harris Teeter
Newcomers' Club Newsletter, Church Bulletin
Sends ChickFilA cards to legacy YAs at milestones
New Customer SMP
Referrals - $10 gift card
Sends a bib to clients who have a new baby Strengths Young team members - Jordan and Will
32 years old, able to attract young clients
Very active in Archdale community Marketing Specific Strengths Office participation in "Call Nights"
Goal for team members - set 1 IFR/day - strict accountability
Personally calls clients on birthday, at graduation, etc.
Has new driver talks with IEDs
Participant in "Mock Reality Day" at local HS
HPU baseball and basketball - banners, flyers, giveaways
Local HS sports -- giveaways
Periodic mailers - sent to those aged 18-65
Jordan - writes hand-written note to thank new customers for their business
Grocery store bench advertisements
Car wrap - everyone knows Barry!
Newspaper ads in High Point paper
PR at Bush Hill Festival Strengths Young team members - Tiffany and Maria - 21 years old
Two Spanish speaking team members - Luis and Maria
Very active within Hispanic community in Archdale Marketing Specific Strengths Daily goals are set for each team member
Will send out 15,000 PAVE leads during 2011 - 8 letters per household - Randleman, High Point
Budget - $250 for internet leads per month
Use TAG money to advertise/have radio shows on Hispanic radio
Mobile billboard - car wrap
Call center - Maria calls on PAVE leads
Target account - each team member will be assigned an account to target each month
Wheatmore HS - football games - cups w/ name
HPU - promotional items at baseball games
"Fiesta for Second Harvest" Community Involvement High Point Rotary Board - chairs newcomers committee, reads to children
Archdale Meals on Wheels
ReferralLink$ Leads Group
Temple Emanuel Community Inv lvement Assistant Coach of football team - Panthers
Rotary Club
Chamber of Commerce Strengths Large team - Zac, Rich, Rosa, Lynn
Agent for 20 years
Team with highly differentiated roles and responsibilities
Knowledgeable and helpful team
Markets well to higher-income neighborhoods --> $$
Community involvement
Office location and aesthetics Marketing Specific Strengths Cars 2 Movie Promotion
Kelly - brings donuts to apartment complexes
"Charlie's Little Elves" - wrap presents for Prudential employees
Bring desserts to realtors at Christmastime
Socials @ Remax office - Ganim Agency provides food
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn --> GREAT!
Billboard avertising
TAG Program
HCP Program - each client is contacted 5x per year
Power of asking for references - bulk of his business Community Involvement Oakridge Merchants Association - put on events for Oakridge community
Chamber of Commerce - raise awareness, build business
Greensboro Board of Realtors
President of Caldwell Academy Booster Club Community Involvement Pleasant Garden Recreation Baseball/Soccer - Sponsorship
SE Commission of Business Associates
Jaycee's Weaknesses Common defectors - Tenure: 1-<3 years, age <25 years of age
Only one full-time and one part-time team member
IFRs - too structured; not tailored for YAs
No Spanish speaking team member
No interaction with YAs during visit
IFRs - only main retention activity performed
Limited amount of participation in local schools
Limited amount of free "stuff" in office - a few stickers, cards, brochures Weaknesses Common defectors - Tenure: 1 - <3 years
No background music in office - very quiet
Office appearance - not "YA" friendly
Facebook - not updated since May 25
New team members, lack of experience
Development of staff/roles sometimes ambiguous
Percentage of YA clients = 7.00, compared to YA population for top 5 zip codes = 17.8
No PAVE leads Weaknesses Young team members - lack of experience
Percentage of YA clients = 9.62%, compared to YA population for top 5 zip codes = 17.8
Limited involvement in local HS and colleges besides sponsorhips
Limited amount of "free stuff" in office - just a few brochures, mints, pens
Retention activities limited to call nights, IFRs, and periodic mailers Weaknesses Common defectors - Tenure: 1 - <3 years
Young and new team members - lack of experience
Percentage of YA clients = 9.1%, compared to YA population for top 5 zip codes = 17.1%
Adherence to marketing plan
Team members - slightly unenthusiastic
Luis - interaction with non-Hispanics
Office location and interior aesthetics
Limited amount of free stuff in office - have to ask in order to get anything
No observed interaction with YAs
Not currently using New Customer Welcome SMP on new households written Weaknesses Percentage of YA clients = 6.01%, compared to YA population for top 5 zip codes = 18.1%
No marketing done to target the young adult market
No involvement with local HS or colleges besides son's school What are some common weaknesses? Common Weaknesses Except for Charlie - no significant social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Except for Charlie - no significant mention of SF bank during my visits
No text messaging services offered to clients
No collection of e-mail adresses to send marketing pieces to clients' emails
No conversation surrounding SF Pocket Agent application for iPhone and Droid
Limited participation in local schools
Lack of participatin in "Call Nights"
No participation in Legacy YA Program - "what is that?"
IFRs - not tailored towards YAs Opportunities to Attract the Young Adult Market
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