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Basic Principles of Growth and Development

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kit kester lapitan

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Basic Principles of Growth and Development

Basic Principles of Growth and Development Development follows an orderly sequence which is predictable Relates to the orderly sequence of development change. Development involves change Implies that the human being is always evolving based on the theories by developmental psychologists. There are individual differences in development The rate of development is unique to each individual The second principles relates to the rate of developmental changes as unique to each individual Early development is more critical than later development Individuals develop the foundations for social relatedness, emotional well-being, and personal adjustments. Development is the product of maturation and learning Development is an outcome of both maturation and environmental influences. All children do not reach developmental stages all at the same time of all at the same age. There are social expectations for every developmental period which are often referred to as developmental tasks One is expected to fulfill certain social expectations. by: Kit
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