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George Orwell: Animal Farm vs. 1984

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Kelsey Baumgardner

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of George Orwell: Animal Farm vs. 1984

Animal Farm vs. 1984 Similarities Government Characters Themes/Plots Themes Boxer and The Parsons Napoleon and Big Brother Squealer and Winston Classes in Society Both books contain a world full of three classes: high, middle, and low.
In Animal Farm, the high class is humans, the middle class is the rebellious animals, and the lower class is the animals.
In 1984, the high class is the government, the middle class is the police, and the lower class is the citizens. In both Animal Farm and 1984, Orwell writes about the dangers of society at the time.
Both also contain a dark setting, one of which resembles a war occurring around the time the book was written.
Animal Farm was based on Stalin and the Russian Revolution.
1984 was based off of the World Wars and Hitler.
Both Boxer, from Animal Farm, and the Parsons, from 1984, showed extreme faithfulness to their master and could be called "model citizens."
They were both victims of absolute power.
Boxer and the Parsons were both willing to work and volunteer for those in power whenever the opportunity was presented. Napoleon, from Animal Farm, and Big Brother, from 1984, were despotic rulers who abused their authority.
Both continually worked to jeopardize and undermine their rivals.
Both held elaborate ceremonies and parades to distract citizens and prisoners.
Napoleon and Big Brother had methods of torture for those who committed crime or misbehaved.
Both also strives to keep balance in their society. Squealer, from Animal Farm, and Winston, from 1984, both worked in service to their ruler.
Both were involved in a job that required them to revise and erase history. Totalitarian Governments
Animal Farm is an example of a totalitarian dictator coming to power and the effect it has on those under his rule.
1984 shows a dictator who wants to control every aspect of a person's life, including feelings, thoughts, and actions. Bibliography http://library.thinkquest.org/2847/novels/anmlfmf3.htm

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