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Animals should not be kept in cages

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Taylor deFlon

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Animals should not be kept in cages

Animals should not be kept in cages
People think animals should be kept in cages. I think animals should not be kept in cages. Sometimes animals get put into the wrong hands, and sometimes it is too late to save them. It is a big world where animals don't get the right care. Here are the reasons you should believe me.
Reason 1
is according to
- said that animals kept in cages don't get to live a fun life. They don't get to run, play, or do anything. Abusers sometimes put animals in cages and leave. They will never come back for them. I personally have a cage to keep my dog in, but I don't keep him in there forever. I only keep him in there when I go t school, When I go to the store, and when I go to bed. When I am home I let him run outside and play.
Reason 2
said that animals are kept in cages for
. Zoos keep animals in cages for our amusement. Who knows if the animals get the proper care, or if they are happy? Do you think they get the proper care they need?
Reason 3
is according to
said that
animals can't stretch out and relax, or learn how to behave in a human setting. Human setting means learning how to sit, stay, heel, or lay down. When animals stretch out they feel more comfortable. Animals also need to get the proper exercise, and being kept in cages is not their natural habitat.
So do you think animals should be kept in cages? I certainly don't think animals should be kept in cages. My overall reason why you should not keep animals in cages is animals kept in cages don't get to live a free life like people do. Think about this, if you were animal how would you like to be kept in a cage?
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