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Never Say Genius


Andrew_6969PGM FohDaWin

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Never Say Genius

Never Say Genius A novel by Dan Gutman Problems During the book, the two main characters, Coke and Pepsi; see characters, face many problems which involve people attempting murder them. Solutions Settings California

LITERALLY ANYWHERE BETWEEN CALIFORNIA AND WASHINGTON People who try to to kill Coke and Pepsi, and reasons why 2. Mrs. Higgins-Main Antagonist in book 1 Murder Attempts-Trample them under crowds of angry fans, play loud music until their eardrums break
Reason-Dropping her future husband 100 feet. 3. The Bowler Dudes
Murder Attempts-Hijack Coke
and Pepsi's roller coaster ride
Mostly helping other people
Reason-Money A long time ago, a scientist by the
name Dr.Herman Warsaw recruited
a group of super geniuses. This elite
squad had a code name called the
Genius Files In the first book 'Mission Unstoppable', we followed
two unsuspecting Genius Files kids named Coke and
Pepsi, yes, Coke and Pepsi. They use their wits to escape Herman's deadly assistants and end up throwing Dr.Herman Warsaw 100 ft. to the ground Flashback from book 1 The genius files kids were supposed to help the country of America by helping with their high IQ. What Herman Warsaw did not know was how hard it was to control kids. Furthermore, if you were to live to 21, you get 1 million dollars. That's a million dollars in TOTAL. Many kids would fight over it. When Herman Warsaw realized his fault he decided to get rid of the Genius Files kids In the second book, 'Never Say Genius', Coke and Pepsi go on a cross country trip with their unsuspecting parents. They dodge more life and death situations to get to Washington and visit their Aunt Judy's wedding. When they arrive at the wedding however, Coke and Pepsi realize a terrifying secret.... Note: Usually the only thinkable solution to
people attempting murder is running away,
but being Genius Files kids, it's not the answer 1. Pepsi's word skill
Use-This skill is incredible for deciphering any codes
their enemy might send.
2. Coke's photographic skill
Use-Even if Pepsi can decipher the codes, she'll still
have problems remembering it. This is where Coke's
memory comes in.
3. Most importantly their naturally quick brains
Use-Escaping death traps set by enemies. Coke's cheesehead before the shredder text Coke's cheesehead after shredder attack.
Yup, shredded cheese Main Characters
And their Jobs Antagonists Protagonists 1. Archie Clone
2. Mrs. Higgins
Job: Murder
3. Bowler Dudes
Job: Murder
4. Herman Warsaw
Job: Murder 1. Coke
Job: Escaping Murder
2. Pepsi
Job: Escaping Murder
3. Bones
Job: Protecting Coke and Pepsi
4. Mya
Job: Protecting Coke and Pepsi THE END The Actual END Pepsi Coke Summary Coke and Pepsi are currently 13, but
there are people out there making sure
they don't make it to 13 and a half...
Racing across America, the twins will nearly be Boiled Alive in a huge basket of french fries, Frozen to death by soft-serve ice cream, Stampeded in a wild stadium riot, Kidnapped from a high-speed roller coaster, and Worst of all, their parents think they're totally joking! By Andrew Liu 1.Archie Clone
Murder Attempts-Drop Coke and Pepsi into a grinder,
Freeze Coke and Pepsi to death, them onto the Washington Monument
Reason-SO he can get the 1 million dollars Questions My Rating
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