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Literary Elements: "Number the Stars"

A story map of the plot of Lois Lowry's historical fiction novel "Number the Stars," with explanations of literary elements.

jennifer milton

on 17 June 2009

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Transcript of Literary Elements: "Number the Stars"

Literary Elements: "Number the Stars" Exposition: Number the Stars Plot Line
The exposition introduces the story's characters, setting, and conflict
The setting of "Number the Stars" is Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943, during WWII.
by author Lois Lowry The protagonists of the story are the main characters- the hero or heroines of the story. Who would the antagontist,"against the protagonist," be?
What is the conflict, or main problem of the story?
Rising action: This is all of the events leading up to the climax. Most of the book is composed of rising action. In "Number the Stars" the action includes: Mrs. Hirsch is arrested the Rosens discover that they may soon be arrested by the Nazi's Annemarie's family hide Ellen Mama takes the girls to Uncle Henrik's farm in Gilleleje Uncle Henrik fakes a funeral to "hide" the Jews
The day of escape arrives Climax- this is the point near the end of a story when the action reaches a point at which something must happen to bring about a solution, or resolution, to the conflict. It is sometimes called the turning point of the story. In Number the Stars, the climax occurs when Annemarie must take the packet to Uncle Henrik. Her mother is unable, and the fishing boat will not make it to safety without the successful delivery of the packet. On the way to the boat, she encounters soldiers... by Lois Lowry Falling action: this is the part of the story that ties up the "loose ends," or tells what happened after the climax. In Number the Stars, the falling actions happens in the final chapter, when Uncle Henrik explains to Annemarie what the packet was, and why it was so important for Ellen's safety. Resolution- this is the end of the story- how the problem is solved.
The resolution of our story is when the war is over, and Annemarie awaits Ellen's homecoming, when she can return her Star of David necklace.
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