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Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens was one of the first Latinos to both Latino Music and Mainstream Rock and Roll. He was a timeless and inspiring classic to those who wanted to follow into his footsteps. He was a simple man with music as a dream.

Gabrielle Yvon

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens
Born: Mayo 13, 1941
Died: Febrero 3, 1959

Infancia / Primeros años
Richard Steven Valenzuela was born on May 13, 1941 in Pacoima, a neighborhood in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.
His parents, Joseph Steven Valenzuela and Concepcion Reyes. saw that their son had potential and enrolled him in trumpet and guitar. After finishing his lessons, he decided that the guitar was his passion.
At 16 he joined his high school band, the Silhouettes, he played gigs with them and played solo gigs. That was when Ritchie Valens' career breakthrough started.
Muerte/ Tributo
On February 2, 1959 Ritchie boarded on a airplane to continue his tour, the people on the plane with him were Buddy Holly and J.P Richardson.
There was a light snowstorm that day, but it got heavier and heavier and because of th snowstorn the plane crashed five miles later into a cornfield. Many people remember that day as "The Day Music Died".
In 1988 Ken Paquette made a memorial for all three performers with their three records with a stainless steel guitar eight miles away from the plane crash. He made another one near Green Bay, Wisconsin and was showcased on July 17, 2003. In his hometown, Pacoima, a park was named after him.
When Ritchie died he inspired Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys and Carlos Santana to be apart of mixing Latino Music with American Pop.
Valens has been on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and has been noticed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Many people have remembered him for being one of the first Latinos to be a Latino and Rock and Roll musician.
Ritchie's nephew, Ernie Valens, has been touring worldwide playing his uncle's song to keep his music alive.
Carrera de la Música
At the age of 5, Ritchie decided that the guitar would be a passion of his until the end.
After Ritchie's performance, Bob Keane decided to audition him for a record label in May 1958. In a short amount of time he made his first single, "Come On, Let's Go".
After that minor hit, Valens had even more success in his hit single "La Bamba". It was a hit single because it fused very two different genres of music, Traditional Mexican Folk and Rock and Roll.
In January 1959 he did a tour called the "Winter Dance Party Tour". He rode along with the acts of Buddy Holly, Dion and the Belmonts, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson.
This was Ritchie Valens' album cover to his hit singles, "La Bamba", Ooh, My Head", "Donna", and "Come On, Let's Go".
This is where Ritchie Valens and his mother now lay peacefully.
This is the memorial that was made for the fallen Buddy Holly, J.D "The Big Bopper" Richardson, and Ritchie Valens who will be missed in the music industry.
Nombre; Gabrielle Yvon
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Ritchie Valens was Mexican-American singer and songwriter. He has recorded many songs and his best hit was "La Bamba" in 1958. And one of his first songs, "Donna, was for his high school girlfriend. Ritchie died at the age of 17 in a plane crash on February 3, 1959. which is known as the "Day Music Died".
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