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James Braddock

Christopher Shaver

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Modernism

James Braddock Joeseph Elizebeth O' Toole Growing Up His Parents Born in 1905
Raised in west New york, New Jersey
One of 7 Children
Irish Catholic Family Man Jay Rosie Howard Mae Hard Worker
Man of Integrity
Lot of Heart
Granite Chin
Big Right punch More Brawn then Brains
Became a Pro at age 21 On the rise Jimmy Slattery Pete Latzo Gerald Griffith Won 44 fights with only 2 losses
Got his Chance at the Light Heavy Weight title Tommy Loughran On July 18th, 1929
Lost on a decision in 15 rounds
Broke his right hand Things go bad 2 months after the title bout
Loses everything
Boxing Career Flounders he goes 11-20 in his next 31 fights Cannot find work
Walks 10-12 miles a day Has to work with a broken right hand
Stuggles to put food on the table Swallows his pride and must take welfare
vows to pay the money back A Second Chance His Manager gets him a fight
A last minute drop out Fought on one day's notice in 1934
Knocked him out in 3 rounds
Critics did not give him a chance
Looked better than ever Got another fight Beat him in ten rounds
Critics again didn't give him a chance
March 1935 fought Art Lasky
Defeated him in 15 rounds
"So they matched Lasky and I. There was no talk about the heavyweight championship fight because they figured Lasky'd lick me. When I beat him in fifteen rounds, I hit him with everything. I mean, wherever his kisser was, I had a punch there, a left hook, a right cross, it was one of them nights." Heavy Title Bout Coined him cinderella man Damon Runyon Joe Gould Max Baer Very hard hitter
Didn't train hard for the fight July 13, 1935 10 to 1 odds stacked against Braddock
Max did not train hard, Braddock did
Fight went 15 rounds Reign ends Loses to Joe "The Brown Bomber Lewis
got a cut of Joe's earnings
1st he had ever been knocked out Presents the movement against Modernism
A beacon of inspiration for millions
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