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Cells, Cells, Cells WIP

dat stuffz bout cells

matthew laing

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Cells, Cells, Cells WIP

Cells, Cells, Cells! Plant cells Plant cells are in all plants What things have plant cells Animal Cells These cells are in any living animal Some examples And the different types Fungi Trees Flowers A great example of fungi are things like mushrooms Usually found on the ground or attached to trees Protists Very large and diverse kingdom The 5 types
of organisms Monera All of the organisms are unicellular Most of these organisms are bacteria Don't have a nucleas What does unicellular mean? The definition of unicellular means that there is only 1 cell An example: An Amoeba They are asexual they use cell division to reproduce What's multicellular All Monera are unicellular as well as protists Multicellular means an organism that is made of
more than 1 cell It uses sexual reproduction All plants, animals and fungi are all multi cellular Uni and Multi
cellular Specialized Cells! Specialized cells
are only in
organisms Multiple cells that work together to make tissue the tissues work
together to make
an organ They work
to do one thing Unicellular and multicellular movement Amoeba:
Changes shape
to move using
aka false feet
that pull the
organism along Paramecium:
Move their
cilia back and
fourth rapidly Use either
cilia or
flagellum Cilia act like
little paddles
that row Flagellum
act like
propellers Cilia Most are unicellular Cell eating THE END I hope you're happy :D Hi der hi der HEY DER There are: Plant protists Animal protists Fungi protists Paramecium, amoebas and algae are all examples By: Christian Propp and Matthew Laing Plants Some examples are... Trees Flowers Some examples include... A Human A Quetzal A Catfish Unicellular Multicellular All multicellular organisms need food to live Animals eat living things (such as fruits, vegetables, meat) Also eat other products that have come from living things (such as eggs and honey) Cell eating Part 2 Phagocytosis is one form of Endocytosis meaning it takes something in. Phagocytosis is when it gets a solid Pinocytosis is the act of getting a liquid To eat, cells use the process of phagocytosis
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