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Doing a Standing Back Tuck

No description

Hannah Vigil

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Doing a Standing Back Tuck

How to do a Back Tuck
the big blue floor or the grass for lots of room
foldable mat so you can jump off of it. (start making the mat smaller when you get better)
springboard to help give you more power for jumping
Preparing For Back Tuck
stretch out all your muscles so that you are warmed up and flexible
get a spotter to give you good posture when doing your first back tuck( coach or gymnast)
use the fold able mat so you can jump off of it
Doing The Back Tuck
start with your arms up and body completely straight
lower arms, bend knees, then swing your arms back up as you jump up
use your arms, bring your legs into your chest when you jump into the air
tuck yourself into a little ball in the middle of you mid-air jump
land with knees bent and never straight
stand up straight and finish
Once you have mastered how to do standing back tuck using a spring floor, your next big challenge is to try it on a hard floor or grassy area. although it looks hard, the standing back tuck is a fairly easy skill to learn. And the best thing is that it feels like you are flying in the air when you are doing it! The steps are very simple to remember and easy to learn how to do. So grab a mat and friend and go learn how to do a standing back tuck youreslf!
Have you ever wanted to learn how to do amazing flips in the air? Well, today can be that day! Once you have learned the basics of how to do a standing back tuck you can flip high up into the air any time you want to! For you to learn the basic steps of doing a back tuck, just simple follow these easy instructions.
by Christina Yim
English 9
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